The Surprise was perfect: old, Federal councillor Doris Leuthard (55), Member of the Board of the Coop and the Coop, a subsidiary of Bell. The elections on 28. March, and 16. April is no more than a matter of form, the delegates will choose the former CVP-Magistratin in the Supervisory bodies.

This is a veritable Coup of the Coop Board of Directors President, Hansueli Loosli (63)! Because, as we Heard, is to hear that other companies would have had the flagship Magistratin in the Board of Directors. All the big Coop’s rival Migros!

100’000 Swiss francs per mandate

However, Leuthard has given the Coop’s preference. About the reasons why, is not known: Only thus much, that Leuthard and Loosli know for years and in the past regularly exchanged.

the task for Leuthard but is worth the “trade newspaper”: According to their information, the two announced mandates in the case of the Coop group the Coop, a subsidiary of Bell Leuthard to bring in 100’000 Swiss francs.

These sums, the compensation specialist Urs Klingler (61) confirmed on request of a VIEW. Overall, the remuneration of the ten-member Board of Directors of Coop is at the Moment 1.3 million Swiss francs. Where the President and the Vice-President a little more likely to earn than ordinary members of the Board of Directors.

Leuthard could soon be a reduction in Pensions threaten

the Board of Directors meetings need a lot of preparation time. According to the annual report has met the Coop’s Board of Directors in 2018 to seven one-to two – day meetings. A four-day trip to locations of Coop subsidiaries came at home and abroad.

Leuthard is aiming for, apparently, a career as a professional administrator. However, many additional mandates may no longer afford to Leuthard. At least if you don’t want to risk any reduction in Retirement benefits. Currently, the old Federal councillor receives half of the Federal Council salary as a pension. Currently, nearly 226 000 Swiss francs.

additional earnings to the pension are allowed to the total wages, the amount of the income of a Federal Council. The receipts exceed this, the pension is reduced by the same amount.