Without a murmur Joel he accepted his defeat in the ESAF-final gear – although on the stands and in front of the TV, some protested against the judges ‘ decision.

An example in terms of sportsmanship and Fairness. And an example of the much-touted of the oscillator family should remember when lock, and buses against Martin’s grave should be strong.

Even against the judge’s decision for an appeal to be lodged remains of the seven times the confederates. But if he can wash his name clean? Hardly. 37 pages thick, the judgment, the Declaration approaches of the grave side were seriously put under the microscope – and not plausible enough to relieve him.

Wildest theories have been

discussed Once the judgment is final, it is time to accept this. Too often has been reticence in the last year in the oscillator circuits, and put in perspective, you could not imagine that a could have operated from their center of illegal funds. The wildest theories have been discussed, to the ideal world on the vibrating seats are not in question.

it is quite simple: anyone Who wants to keep the transducer-the world as healing as possible, you must do something about it. One of these is to take the issue of Doping seriously and to lock black sheep. Even if the Doping is a sinner actually likeable.