No one knows when football rolls again in Norway. And no one knows when the rolls are again in England.

at Home in Tromsø try a very special fotballtalent to keep in shape by as well as he can. 15-year-old Isaac Hansen-Aarøen signed for Manchester United nearly a year ago.

He is scheduled to complete the transition and move from Tromsø to Manchester when he turns 16 in august.

Isaac Hansen-Aarøen hope and believe that the transition to Manchester United in august goes as planned, in spite of korona-crisis

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But too soon is a month ago, the world was turned upside down. Norway closed 12. march. Hansen-Aarøen was then in Manchester.

– I should be there for a week. But then it started to shut down in Tromsø and in Norway. So then I just had to get me home, ” says Isaac Hansen-Aarøen to NRK.


First bar there in quarantine. So were players and most of the employees in Tromsø IL laid off. And it is still.

But Isaac is trying to keep the training in time. Of and to run him a few voluntary sessions with Tromsø ILs spillerutvikler Jonas Johansen, who keeps in regular contact with Manchester United. There have Isaac run itself – without the ball. And with the ball. In a squashhall.

– There is a lot of fun with the competition. It brings out the best in me, ” says Isaac.

Isaac plays squash-football with Jonas Johansen.

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– United he follows up very closely. I send them videos of the training. So we get feedback on it. And then send the status on what them are doing. They have very great faith in Isaac, says Jonas Johansen to NRK.

TO debut can break the

In the winter has Hansen-Aarøen his debut on the G16-national team – as captain. And trent stuck with TILs A-team. And impressed. But if there will be any debut with the Gutan in 1. division before the transition to the United, is highly uncertain.

– It has always been a dream for me. ‘ve played in since I was little. So it’s a bit kjipt that it is not happening, ” says Isaac Hansen-Aarøen.

He was going after the plan has also been a trip in Manchester in the summer – before he moves permanently.

But it is a bit uncertain with all that is happening now.

– But do you think that the transition in august is progressing as planned?

– Yes, it I think. I’m pretty sure.