About this at the meeting of the National antiterrorist Committee said the Chairman of the NAC, the Director of FSB of Russia Alexander Bortnikov. He also noted that it is impossible to prevent migration of the flow of international terrorist organizations.

As reported by correspondent “RG” in the information center of the NAC, at today’s meeting of antiterrorist Committee discussed the issues impeding the infiltration of terrorists and their accomplices on the territory of Russia on migration channels.

“the discussion identified priorities for strengthening prevention activities in the migration environment, as well as to improve cooperation of state authorities in this sphere”, – noted in the NAC. Following the meeting, Alexander Bortnikov, has drawn attention to the need to improve work on the prevention of terrorism among migrant workers.

in addition, at the meeting of the NAC were shown video materials of the FSB in detention over the past month, supporters of international terrorism, including those who were preparing terrorist attacks in Russia.

So, for example, on July 31 in the Volgograd region were detained five members of a cell of the extremist organization “Tablighi Jamaat” is prohibited in Russia, and also its organizer and curator. Two days before that in St. Petersburg 29 Jul intelligence Agency, was detained immigrants one of the Central Asian republics – members of the cell “IG” (banned in Russia) who prepared the attack and murder of military personnel and law enforcement officers. According to the FSB, following the terrorist attacks they planned to leave the territory of the middle East region to participate in an international terrorist organization. Detained criminals also checked for involvement in the promotion of terrorism and the recruitment of Russian citizens to the terrorist organizations and the financing of terrorism.

July 23, was carried out large-scale special operation in Moscow, Novosibirsk and Krasnoyarsk Krai, which had detained 22 members in the Russian Federation banned international terrorist organization “Islamic movement of Uzbekistan”. And the day before in Kabardino-Balkaria were destroyed 4 members of the cell “IG” that was preparing an attack on security forces.