Donbass under fire: the shelling of the Ukrainian security forces continue

Pumping station which provides water to nearly two million residents of Donbas, can stop their work. The reason was the actions of Kyiv security forces, because of this, employees are unable to safely get to jobs. The shortages of water threaten more than forty settlements on both sides of the line of contact. And this is not the only harm caused by the self-proclaimed republics of Donbass.

During the confrontation between Kiev and young republics, artillery of the Ukrainian armed forces destroyed tens of thousands of infrastructure facilities. We are now on the outskirts of Donetsk is Vzletnaya street, on the left side of the destroyed building, on the right side of the same story, and each of them is the fate of the whole family! The people’s lives were saved and in one moment lost everything.

Victoria, each time going into the yard of his own house, could not restrain his emotions. Here she grew up, married, raised children. “I was at work. My sister called me and said we have no home, I arrived home from work, my grandson was sitting in the er because a piece of plastic window the blast went and hit him on the head. With the nose bleed, that is the boy in this almost unconscious sister all scratched up,” recalls Victoria reutsky.

in order to help the affected people from Ukrainian aggression in the territory of the Republic was established the public Commission, which includes lawyers-volunteers. Many of whom have themselves experienced the bitterness of loss from the war.

“Now, at the moment members of the public Commission accepted the petition from residents of the republics. They assist in the preparation and handling complaints to the European court of human rights. Every situation is different, but we see that thousands of homes destroyed. So we help to solve this problem the people that come to us,” said Butorina Anastasia, Chairman of the public Commission for the evaluation of the economic fromszczerba suffered by Ukraine.

attacks on the territory of the Republics continues today. Not subside even in the moments of presence on the territory of Donbass higher ranks of the OSCE, such as the Deputy chief of mission in Ukraine, mark Enteringto.

during the period Mr Enteringthe marked increase in fire exposure with the use of 122mm artillery, 120mm and 82mm mortars, heavy machine guns and infantry fighting vehicles. Under the shelling hit the village of October mine, signal, Gorlovka, Spartacus.

Despite the fact that the sixth year of the war, the city republics continue to live and grow. Cleaned streets, planted roses, listed in order of lighting. As they say here, the main wealth of the Donbass, it is the hard work of his people.

the Donbass are not the first to pass the hard way, after 1943, because he drove the Nazis, the city was in ruins. Then it was restored grandparents. And now will restore, only the descendants of the winners, but first to end this undeclared war.