AFM-Téléthon, Restos du cœur, the Red Cross, catholic Relief services or Doctors without borders are the associations supported in France. In 2018, all have experienced a loss of income due to the drop in donations, reports Le Parisien. France Bounties, which brings together 97 associations and foundations, estimates that donations have decreased by 6.5% in the first half of 2018, compared to last year.

In the columns of the daily, the Restos du cœur, which launch their winter campaign on Tuesday, to explain receive a number of emails from pensioners wishing to interrupt or decrease the amount paid to the association. In question, in particular, the increase of the CSG.

“The French are generous in the height of (their) ways”

But in addition to the CSG, it is all the “tax burden” which is the pointing of the finger. The NGOS explained, for example, that the removal of the ISF, no longer pushing the wealthiest households défiscaliser their ” philanthropy “. The deduction at source has also been able to suggest to donors that the gift would be less tax-deductible. “In reality, nothing will change ! “want to reassure the Apprentices of Auteil, who accuse, to this day, a delay of 24 % in the collection.

Christophe Robert, the general delegate of the fondation Abbé Pierre, stresses in the columns of the daily, that ” many donors are of modest people “. “Those who stop to help us, it breaks the heart,” he adds. “The French are generous in the height of (their) ways “, believes his side Thierry Robert, the director-general of Secours populaire.

on Tuesday, landed in France the ” Giving Tuesday “, an operation born in New York in 2012, encouraging citizens to donate money, blood or food. An opportunity to make a gesture for the good cause ?

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