In the case of Virgin Atlantic, the aircraft are just as quiet as any other Airline. Multi-billionaire Richard Branson, the airline, but made nothing for a long time. On the contrary, In a letter to his employees a week ago, he even asked a question of the currently under-employed employees may take me eight weeks of unpaid leave.

After this had started in the US, a Shitstorm of all the political leaders against the dazzling billionaire, back rows Branson now. Yesterday, he announced a private aid package of $ 250 million for its approximately 70,000 employees. The money comes in part from the company assets, and partly from Branson’s private account. It was “only the beginning”, he wrote to.

Bill Gates invested 100 million dollars

The richest people in the world react to this very differently to the Corona-pandemic: Bill Gates was one of the first, of the money. The Microsoft founder has been for decades in medical research and disease control active.

About 100 million dollars, the Gates couple invested two weeks ago about his “Bill & Melinda Gates”Foundation for the development of drugs and Corona Tests. Among other things, it is also involved in CureVac, the research company from Tübingen, which last made headlines because of the US President, Donald Trump wanted to make it exclusive for his country of a vaccine to produce.

Europe’s billionaires rise to donations from factories and work force

In Europe, sting, Bernard Arnault and Amancio Ortega the positive. The Frenchman, chief Executive of luxury group LVMH, has instructed its cosmetics division, instead of producing perfumes from now on disinfectant. He could sell currently, even expensive, but you are supposed to be distributed free of charge to hospitals and other health institutions in France. Arnault is 86.5 billion dollars is currently the third richest person in the world.

The Spaniard Ortega, with 58 billion dollars on space 5. The 84-year-old founder of textile giant Inditex, has always been regarded as a down-to-earth billionaire. So he goes for his lunch about every day in the Inditex staff canteen, according to the rumors. His factories he wants to put now in state services.

Last week, he offered to the government, the production of the ten Spanish locations to masks, gloves, gowns and other types of protective clothing change needed in hospitals now. In addition, Inditex donated the 300,000 masks to the hospitals in the country. Spain is the number was 28,572 Infected one of the countries most affected. Small Caps Champion: The successful in addition to values-based stock market service by Finanzen100. (Partner offer) Now, Small Caps, Champion, test it for 30 days free of charge

Silicon Valley is engaged in the world

Also in the Silicon Valley will be changed to help: Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is personally committed currently free of charge, in which he, for example, physicians on Facebook Live to Corona-subjects interviewed. Through his Foundation, CZI, which he operates with his wife Priscilla, he works but also to be able to produce up to 1000 Corona-Tests of the day in the Bay Area of San Francisco to perform.

Apple boss Tim Cook takes a different approach: The iPhone-the group donated around $ 15 million aimed at of Corona-affected regions around the world. Most recently, Cook announced about a donation for the Italian civil protection. With currently nearly 60,000 Infected Italy is on place 2 of the Corona-Rankings, behind China.

Also tripled Apple each donation of its employees for the fight against the disease. How much money has come together, is so far not known. To donate finally, Apple funds for the care of Covid-19-Sick in the Bay Area.

Alibaba founder Jack Ma is at the forefront

A Million dollars for many years, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer gave last week, after all, now with a total of 51.4 billion dollars in the nine treichste man on earth. Because he lives in Los Angeles and a Basketball Club has, his money to various charities of the metropolis. Half of the donation received about schools.

At the other end of the world in China, Jack Ma is now a Symbol of the fight against the Coronavirus become. The Alibaba-founder and richest Chinese-created on 16. March extra a Twitter Account to announce that he was going to send a Million masks and 500,000 test kits “to our friends in America”. In the meantime, he has announced support for over 60 countries. Is paid by his Foundation.

Jeff Bezos, Larry Page, and Elon Musk’s fear of strangers with the help of

However, not all of the super-rich is committed against Corona: Had Jeff Bezos, after all, the richest man in the world, last month, ensured his billion donation in the fight against climate change caused a stir, he remains in the Corona case, conspicuously quiet. However, he also benefits personally from the disease: The stock price of Amazon , which he owes his fortune increased in the past two weeks to almost 20 percent for Bezos billions of dollars.

Also, the Google co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin hold back. You apply anyway as media shy and are not as great philanthropists known. On the contrary, a charitable Foundation, which distributed Christmas $ 400 million has, however, mainly to other facilities, the inspected Page. So he loses no money and the control can retain the benefits of his Foundation.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk fremdelte long with Corona. A week ago, he described the Coronavirus-panic on Twitter as “stupid”. Its Gigafactory in Nevada, he left open as long, until the police forced him to close the factory gates. In the meantime, he has re-thought: As he announced yesterday that he had bought in China, 1255 ventilators, which he wanted to give away in California. Besides, he could more in his factories produce.

German billionaires remain silent

Quite silent, but it is in German billionaires: Neither the Aldi heirs Beate Heisler, Karl and Theo Albrecht Junior still in Lidl-founder Dieter Schwarz have staged so far to the public. However, the media are all also shy, so that it cannot be excluded that they are in the Background very well. The BMW heir Susanne Klatten and Stefan Quandt are not so far noticed a positive effect.

Klaus-Michael Kuehne, with 12.6 billion euros is currently the sixth-most successful German argue, just prefer the future of Hamburger SV. Hope Heimer counterpart Dietmar Hopp received the least praise, because he is involved in the above mentioned CureVac and the company not in the USA sold. Last week, he announced that Corona-vaccine-Tests for this year, though doctors are skeptical.

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