The US President Donald trump and Vice-President Mike Pence passed the tests for coronavirus — both were negative. Needs testing first and second persons of the state arose when it became known about the infection of personal assistant to the President of the trump. COVID-19 in the White house, apparently not penetrated, but coming out of the message make sure that in a pandemic, the head of state is coordinating their words with the official position of the US administration and Federal agencies. “B” studied viral reports out of Washington from the residence of the American President.Cameras-varusteet to linen, to iron shirts and suits, pack your suitcases, bring Newspapers and food — here is a partial list of simple but honorable duties of a personal assistant to the us President. Work with Donald trump has its own characteristics: he likes to violate his personal space, because the employee must not approach too close to the head of state and not to touch it.Only the President has five such assistants valets, two serve in the oval office, three at his residence. They travel together with the President and help him to solve domestic issues even outside the country. That’s because CNN about the disease one of the assistants to the President made such a noise and forced the media to ask about the health of the President. The ruling administration confirmed the fact of infection “a soldier working in the White house,” but did not specify that we are talking about the Valet. The President himself said that little contact with the ill employee.His test for mers was negative, as the test Vice-President Mike Pence, who, like all senior White house staff, according to CNN, weekly test on COVID-19. The Agency argues that the residence of the American President until the last moment were measures for social distancing and mandatory wearing of masks.Talking about intervention and Voinov General, the pandemic did not affect the activity of Donald trump. Yesterday he spoke by phone with Russian President Vladimir Putin. The conversation was dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the victory of anti-Hitler coalition in the Second world war, however, Mr. trump could not fail to touch upon his favorite theme: that “Russian fake” — this refers to his alleged ties with Russia — is impeding U.S.-Russian cooperation.”I said, “You know, now is the time, because the truth comes out and it becomes obvious how fake it all was initially an investigation. Complete shame, I wonder if you will witness many interesting events in the coming weeks. This leashü one piece of the nefarious puzzle”,” said the US President told reporters. And later urged to revoke the Pulitzer prize of those journalists who recently received her article about his ties with Russia.”All these writers, so-called journalists they are not journalists, and thieves,— who received the Pulitzer prize, all of them should be forced to return the Pulitzer prize back. Because they are all spelled wrong! Today showed documents to prove that there was no conspiracy,” the President said with undisguised irritation.Meanwhile, the President continues to call the story of the Russian intervention “fake”, its subordinate intelligence community continues to accuse Russia and in the information counter main competitor to Donald trump in the upcoming election — Democrat Joe Biden, and in an attempt to conceal the fact of their interference in the presidential election of 2016. The apparent differences in the positions of the President and the U.S. government are manifested in relation to the Second world war. Commenting on the conversation with Vladimir Putin, Donald trump said: “He called me because we were, so to speak, partners in a very large successful war. It was very cool. He called — it was a congratulatory call, the proposal to celebrate, because now the 75th anniversary.” Meanwhile the Pentagon to the 75-th anniversary of victory released a virtual project dedicated to the memorable date. It tells of the war that began “in 1939, when Germany and Soviet Union invaded Poland”.The contribution of the USSR to the victory over fascism did not say a word, and the narrative concludes, however, that at the end of the war “the countries of Eastern Europe for decades was occupied by the Soviet Union.”Alexey Naumov