Domogarov left the Gorky Moscow art theater for an ugly situation

people’s artist of Russia, actor of theatre and cinema Alexander Domogarov decided to leave the Moscow art Theater named after Gorky. According to him, he became a “hostage to an ugly situation.”

the Mat Domogarov is a guest actor and is involved in the production of Andrei Konchalovsky. Performances March 9-10 were sold out, despite this actor made a surprise announcement — announced the resignation from the theater.

According to Domogarova, relations with the cultural establishment of the steel complex. In addition, the artist called Mat “pseudo-theater”, the scene which the viewer will not see it anymore.

Alexander Domogarov said StarHit that severed relations with the top government institutions and to the financial Director. The artist said that while the leadership of the Moscow art theatre did not apologize to him, no cooperation will not. Then Alexander amended his claim: according to him, even after the apology, the decision to leave the theatre will remain unchanged.

Domogarov known for his participation in numerous productions and films. On account of his dozens of films, including the work of Valery Todorovsky “Large”, “Gangster Petersburg”, “Turkish March”, “Dostoevsky”, “Entering the house, look around” and many others.