It is one of her favorite places – a mountain hut, directly on the lake of Thun. “The view is simply magical, and I was often with Tamy here,” says the former Miss Switzerland.

On the weekend you celebrated with your loved one, to friends and family, even your Grosi, Leni (86) has thrown in the bowl. “She was like my mother used to own a Model”, says Rinderknecht.

Glamour in the mountains

Despite a mountain hut, the presenter put emphasis on Glamour. The Motto of the Party the roaring twenties were. “So my parting of my own twenties,” says the birthday boy. “And all have given extremely a lot of effort with their costumes. I like this because it gives a Party something Special.”

Only the Closest were on the birthday of this: “Coincidentally, exactly 30 guests, it’s perfect!”