When Dominic Deville (43) is it going around: Morning, Thursday, he celebrates with the “Comedy Club 19” of “The tent” in Zurich Premiere. And this coming Sunday will be the seventh season of its Comedy show “Deville” Late Night “launches” in the place of Michael Elseners (33) “Late Update” (SRF 1, 21.40 PM). VIEW the Comedian reveals 13 surprising facts about yourself.

Before the performances, I hate my Job

“My stage fright is with the age getting worse and worse. Before each appearance, I’ll call my girlfriend and assure her that I will soon make a retraining as a truck driver. Or to the chord butcher. Although I’m a vegetarian!”

I’m not really a vegetarian

“If my kids don’t eat their Sausage, jump into the breach and take on this burden. A bit too happy for a real vegetarian.”

I have a questionable taste in music

“I brag with my record collection. To hear home, I, however, prefer to on the Laptop the cheesy Retro-Eighties-synth-Pop from The Midnight. Horrible. But unfortunately Horny.”

I am afraid of myself sometimes in front of myself

“All of my serious injuries office subsequent hospital stays, I added to myself during my stage performances. My insurance man has me worried now, as a hedge, as they have Stuntmen or risk athletes.”

It is damn difficult to make me Laugh

“I find nothing funny. Except for “Tintin”Comics, and sometimes my children and most of the time, the Swiss cabaret artist Manuel Stahl Berger. Buy the new record! By Manuel. Not that of my children.”

I am the only person, the A series is not watching the series

“as a relationship. Beautiful, exciting, but time-consuming. And since I already have a girlfriend, I look on Netflix, only the age-old game films.”

My eight Tattoos I would have thought twice

“My mother said: “Tattoos there are not only when it comes down to it!” That’s why I started from the age of 40 so right. The motives range from drawings of my children and drunken Friends about the song title, “Tim and Struppi”-villains to comic motifs, the added it is still free. My mother was wrong. Already now, at 43, I regret every single one. Crap!

I don’t consume me,

“I look rarely my own show, avoid images of myself and listen to hate to the plates of my many Bands. I know that the many. But I have to live with it!”

I’m a fucking Nerd

“I can go overboard on the “Three question marks” and other radio plays of the Eighties series talk to me and the nights with highly complex Board games around the ears. By the way: Skinny Norris and the Rolls-Royce Chauffeur have the same voice actor for audiobooks, and “Winter of the dead” is massively overrated!”

I consider myself of Sport

“And this, even though I was already in the football club, Judo practiced as a Golf coach taught and a very decent sports am a fencer. So you can say that I abverdient’ve had my life quota of sports already.”

I cast

“I am fascinated by magicians, stage magicians, and Mentally and can’t make it to a trade to pass by, without me with the appropriate literature to stock. So, if you claim, you would like my show. I can read thoughts.”

I love spirit tracks

“No fun fair without the Ghost train visit! Occasionally I build for the neighborhood children in their basement. For this Halloween I am planning a with Roger Köppel and Jacqueline Badran as a Shocker. This will be a Shocker!”

I can’t drive

“I quite deliberately made never a driver’s license, because I am very responsible compared to other road users.”

Dominic Deville came in 1975, in Munich (D), moved at the age of Six with his family to Lucerne, Switzerland and now lives in Zurich. He worked for ten years as a kindergarten, first in Central Switzerland, later in Schlieren, ZH. In addition, he played in Punk Bands and performed as a comedian. Since a few years, he has been with stage shows on the road and has his own Show “Deville Late Night” on SRF 1. Deville is in a relationship with actress Simone core (39) and has with her two children aged six and eight years.

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