The price of gold has updated a historical record, reaching $1943,93 per Troy ounce. A multi-year high updated and the quotes of silver are rapidly growing in price, platinum and palladium. Care in defensive assets, especially in gold, comes amid an unprecedented soft monetary policy of the financial regulator of the United States. Analysts have not ruled out speculative demand, the price of gold can reach $2 thousand per ounce. However, the subsequent price dynamics will be unstable.According to Reuters, the price of gold on the spot market on Monday reached a level of $1943,93 per Troy ounce. The previous record was set on 6 September 2011, when quotations reached $1920 per ounce. At the close of last week the precious metal has risen in price for 2,3%, and in six days of steady growth, the price rose 7.5%. Increased in price and other precious metals. Compared with close of last week silver added in price by 7.1%, reaching $24,26 per ounce — the highest since September 2013. Increased price of platinum (3.4%, to $945 per ounce) and palladium (2.7%, to $2279,28 per ounce). In six days the metal has risen by 13-26%.Massive injections of liquidity support to solvent demand of households and the creditworthiness of enterprises. According to leading analyst “Discovery Broker” Andrei Kochetkov, precious metals are always sensitive to the quantitative easing of the Federal reserve system, which in the current year, in fact, plans to print dollars at 10-20% of US GDP, becoming the main purchaser of Treasury bonds for the financing of economic support programs in the background COVID-19. Against this background, is the weakening of the U.S. currency.Gold prices soared above historical high, helped by a weaker U.S. dollar relative to a basket of currencies to the lowest in two years, says the analyst of “Finam” Sergey Drozdov. According to Reuters, the index DXY (a dollar exchange rate concerning six currencies) today updated at least September 2018 fell back to the level 93,84 points. At the same time decreases the attractiveness of US Treasury bonds, which lose in yield in anticipation of additional stimulus measures. The decline in real interest rates is causing concern among market participants that monetary stimulus will lead to higher inflation, says an expert on the stock market “BCS” Dmitry Pushkarev.In addition, the growing tension between the US and China. We are talking about ideological confrontation, which recalled the times of confrontation between the United States and the Soviet Union, said Andrei Kochetkov. Growth is likely to continue in the near future. Assessment Andrei Kochetkov, gold price may cross the mark of $2 thousand per ounce. “Further growth may even accelerate in the background of the spectrum��stepnogo interest”,— the expert believes. According to Sergey Drozdov, often a surge of demand for a particular asset is replaced by profit-taking, with gold it can come close to the psychological level of $2 thousand per ounce. However, in the long term there is no certainty that the rise in gold will be sustainable, said Dmitry Pushkarev. According to him, the important point here is the dynamics of the spread of coronavirus as soon as it will become clear that the pace of development of the pandemic have been in steady decline, and the vaccine will soon appear, the demand for gold may weaken.Polina Smorodskaya