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Especially in these times, we yearn for love. According to a faithful friend. And right now, many people have time to take care of, finally, your dream to have his own dog. And like a small dog-Baby. But what is to observe? How to deal mindfully with the new family member?

Sarah Nowak and Mike Kleiß it will tell you in this episode of “The don’t want to play”. What time does the education? As long as the little worm needs to Arrive? The first time is so important. With this Podcast you get a lot of valuable tips.

don’t want to Play – the Dogcast with Sarah Nowak and Mike Kleiß

Who does not know this? Since the 70 pound great Dane to storm to a, the lips fly, the hot breath freezes in the air and as far away as the loud voice of the owner: “have No fear, just wanna play”. Reassuring. Not!

a dog does things simply because he wants to play. The Dogcast “The don’t want to play” is not the voice of the dogs, the people. The Cologne-based dog trainer and Dog psychologist and dog owner Mike Kleiß have known each other for ten years. They met back in Sarah’s dog school, Sarah, the trainer was. Mike was living at the time, for 20 years with dogs, but with his new companions Spagna and Dante new challenges came up to him. Both came from an Italian animal shelter. Animal shelter dogs are different. Animal shelter dogs have a history, you don’t know most of the time.

After years of Sarah and Mike are now meeting in this Dogcast again. And how at the time, the theme is clear: dogs! “The dogs didn’t have a Problem, which is usually fine. They live in the Now, and no fault are aware of,“ says Sarah. “That’s why we try to translate in our Dogcast what the dog thinks. To make the people aware to Understand the dog better, then you both feel better. We want to ensure a better Coexistence. To us, it is not a raised index finger. The just don’t want to play! Wants to be understood, wants to leader a good pack of who wants to be a loving but clear to each other,“ adds Mike.

This Dogcast – so Sarah and Mike call their Podcast to reach out to the hearts of dog owners. A bit also the mind. This Dogcast to touch, to teach without explaining. Dogs are part of our society for so long. Do we careful with them and with us.

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