Frankfurt’s team doctor invented chewing gum to protect against corona. The doctor expects another hygiene measure that could help through the Corona autumn – but emphasizes the importance of another means.

Frankfurt team doctor invents anti-corona chewing gum: Florian Pfab has developed antiseptic chewing gum to protect against corona infection. In an interview with “11 Freunde”, the Frankfurt team doctor reports on initial experiences: The effect of the “Covidgum” can last up to two hours.

Short, compact, clear

Additional measure in the fall: Pfab believes that the chewing gum could be an important addition to the protective measures in the fall. He hopes that this will enable the stadiums to be used to the highest possible capacity in autumn. At the same time, he emphasizes that chewing gum should not be the only measure. “Vaccination does not replace it!”

Chewing gum is already in use: The pros at Eintracht Frankfurt are already using the “Covidgum”. But not only in Frankfurt do the clubs rely on chewing gum as additional protection against the corona virus. “Other clubs also use it,” says Florian Pfab.