Local media write that the Norwegian-lebanese man in the 40s was shot and killed by an unknown perpetrator who tried to usurp to themselves the scooter his in Philipsburg, which is the capital of the island.

the Man’s parents confirms to NRK that his son was murdered on the open street outside a shop in the city on Sunday. The suspected man to have approached him in a parking lot and tried to be true to the scooter his.

Eyewitnesses have explained that the masked perpetrator pulled out a firearm and that it was a loose shot. At least one shot hit the victim.

– the Message came as a shock. It is so sad that he died because of a scooter, ” says the father to NRK.

the Man was declared dead on the spot when the paramedics arrived to the parking lot.

– Now he is gone forever. It is very sad, ” says the father to NRK.

According to local media is the perpetrator still on the loose. Kripos tell NRK that they are not informed about the matter. The ministry of foreign affairs has not answered The inquiries.

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