The Timing could not have been better. Thomas Horats (55) documentary “return of The wolves” starts next week in the cinemas. In the middle of the discussion on the revised hunting law of the Swiss film-maker benefits from great public interest in the Wolf. The Predator moves the mind. Not least of all because of the wolf stocks in Switzerland will grow again. Meanwhile, eight of the wolf pack living in Switzerland. Two years ago, there were two.

More wolves, no more problems. “The Wolf is back. This is a fact,” said Horat. “The question is, how do we find the right way to deal with him.” This not only drives him, but also to the Swiss policy. For Years.

The brand is currently

Until the end of September, the Parliament adopted the revised hunting law. After more than two years of discussion. However, it is still controversial, especially among animal rights activists. Because new Wolf populations can be more easily regulated. For hunters and shepherds in the mountain cantons this is important, you are worried about the Alpine. By the Wolf may already be preemptively shot down to prevent it from spreading uncontrollably.

From the protection of species could be with the new law, no more talk, criticize, however, animal protection associations. The Wolf will be released for launch. Without Any Restrictions. A Referendum against the law is already launched, the SP and the greens were behind it. The necessary come under the headings, the template is next year in front of the people.

Many think they know too little about the Wolf

“The Wolf was protected under the old law, certainly better than under the new”, also Horat. But to him, it’s not so much the political Dimension: “With my Film, I would like to bring the Wolf closer to you. Many of you know simply too little about the animal. Therefore, they are often afraid and react so emotionally.”

The Wolf avoids typically the people. Horat saw, for the first time in the wild, than he was for shooting in the Lausitz in Eastern Germany on the way. “That was in 2016, on a cold December morning. A very special Moment,” recalls the Schwyzer.

The production took a total of more than three years. A Wolf Horat has seen a further five times just. The filming took him from Bulgaria to Austria to Poland, from Eastern Germany to Switzerland, and even to North America. “In Minnesota, I have made the coldest days of my life. To work at minus 26 degrees, was tough.” However, Horat is satisfied. Goal was from the beginning, to keep the focus global. “I deliberately visited countries and regions in which dealing with the Wolf relaxed and natural. To me it was not just Switzerland.”

“The Wolf is there anyway”

Horat, it is important to think about the relationship between man and Wolf investigate. Whether one is for or against the Wolf, this is the wrong question. “The Wolf is, anyway. And he is not a beast. But if it spreads again, it is not unproblematic.”

watching Idle was the wrong approach. The Wolf to kill, but also. “People are angry, if you can’t control everything. In many places, you can not control the wolves. It makes you angry,” says a Protagonist of the film. An opinion that shares Horat.

It takes extra effort

Since the return of wolves to Switzerland has done but in the eyes of Horats quite a bit. At the beginning of the production, you’ve spoken in Switzerland by the extermination of the wolf over three years ago. “This exposure gave me the impetus for the film project. I thought to myself: This can’t be, that such claims come through!” In the meantime, the debate is more moderate. Of extinction no longer is today, even among supporters of the new hunting act.

A first sign that the people in Switzerland used to the Wolf? Maybe. Yet for all the sympathy for the Wolf Horat in his Film also got a shepherd to get a word in. “Farmers and Herders are required and need to do a lot of extra effort,” says the filmmaker.

understanding is the key. Understanding of the people, but also for the Wolf. For the benefit of both.