what the inventors prefer to describe your designs?

Grigory Ivliev: the paradox is that many are gaining description on the computer, then print it out and send to us. And we have been working only in digital format. Therefore, all incoming paper documentation is scanned and electronically sent to the experts. The submission in electronic form is more convenient, faster, and even the amount of the fee reduced by 30%. But nevertheless, for different types of applications from 20 to 90% of the sets of documents we receive on paper. During a pandemic, this was one of the weaknesses of the patent system.

Paper, couriers, personal visits applicants… How did you manage to secure themselves and your team?

Grigory Ivliev: we Have, incidentally, none of the employees in the workplace coronavirus was not ill. But we just since the end of March had ceased to accept applications in paper form. Now a week resumed, but with special conditions. Disinfection, patent attorneys pass and get a sets of documents using special boxes. In General, we have more than 800 experts and 1,5 thousand other employees. After the introduction of high alert most moved to the remote access – all the conditions for this have already been created, experts have reliable access to electronic library of technical documentation, so many people used to be able to work from home. Now we are in the building there is four hundred people. It is the leaders and those providing for the functioning of the system.

If you may 27 receives an electronic application for registration of invention, and the second, the same application was before sent by registered mail, who will benefit?

Grigory Ivliev: the Law has defined the priority will be those whose application was in the Rospatent first. No matter who, when and how it was sent. Therefore, in this case, the patent will be for the person using an electronic service. It happens that two similar applications are received in one day – we have no regulation for hours and minutes, only the date. And then run a complex system of reconciliation, we begin to understand how to respect the rights of both claimants. But in this case, it is priority, no one will.

What are the new digital services Rospatent will start in the near future?

Grigory Ivliev: We are currently testing the online registration of transfer. The issuance of licenses, alienation, transfer of trademark rights – all this can be done in real time. If parties agreed, they have a digital signature, they send us the contract, they are automatically the system will immediately respond that the transaction is completed, the transfer fromcomplete. Very convenient.

To the end of the year will be online registration of applications filed in electronic form. The system will inform the applicants of the proceedings, the objections to the documents that can be quickly addressed. In June will have a new search engine for patents, and in July of trademarks. We used domestic software with the technologies of neural networks – they provide us with search results and the more qualitative information needed for the application.

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