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– It is a falling curve. We notice that we have several vacant berths. We may take as a warning that something is afoot, says chief physician Guri Hagberg on the section of stroke at Ullevål hospital.

She stands together with the chief physician Rajiv Advani outside the emergency room. They work both in the department of stroke.

Here counting each minute. When a patient gets a stroke, die, 2 million brain cells a minute.

– It is something that makes patients choose to be at home. If there should be a fear of infection or other things, we’re not sure, ” says Advani.

Superior says they also received reports from other countries as brands the same. Including Italy, explains Hagberg.

the Hospital has the same offer for acutely ill patients as before, but select less demand from people who need medical assistance.

It also applies to patients who are prone for accidents, injuries and rusrelaterte events.

According to the pressevakten at the hospital caused some of the decline that there are fewer injuries now, when we are in a quiet period because of koronaviruset.

NRK has been in contact with several of the hospitals in the country, which tells about a decline in instant help-admissions.

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– It is important that people who are acute, life threatening ill, call 113 with a time – no matter what disease or injury they have, ” says the managing director of the university hospital of North Norway, Anita Schumacher.

Klinikksjef of medicine at the Hospital in Østfold, Volker Moræus Solyga, believe there are many factors that come into play.

Among other things, that many will not charge health care or are afraid to be infected by koronaviruset.

– In addition, it can record that many at home and take it easy. Then it may be some illnesses do not worsen in the same way as otherwise, which, for example, lung diseases.

the University hospital of North-Norway shares the concern that acutely ill patients waiting a long time before they contact you.

Photo: Rob Power

Health Møre and Romsdal encourage people who truly need emergency care to contact with the health care system. Also where are the employees and the municipalities worry that people don’t contact because of fear of koronasmitte.

– Good preparedness

St. Olavs hospital in Trondheim, is also concerned that people who really need the help, way for me to contact, write ms. Marit baseline pre in an e-mail.

“We want to emphasize that the hospital has good emergency service for all patients who need quick treatment or report, and we have good capacity to treat patients who need immediate help, with or without koronasmitte.”

Stavanger university hospital has not noticed a decline in patients in the department of stroke.

my Arm was numb

I noticed it first when I got a strange feeling in the right arm, ” says Ove Hellvik.

In 2016, he got cerebral hemorrhage and was admitted to the Rikshospitalet university hospital in Oslo. Today he is the leader in LHL Stroke Oslo.

Ove Hellvik had a stroke four years ago. He says it is important that patients experiencing symptoms of stroke quickly take contact with a doctor.

Photo: Private

Hellvik think that koronasituasjonen makes people with symptoms of a stroke, waiting for a long time before the call to the doctor. He shares the concern from the public health service.

– Therefore, it is important, that the symptoms that most patients have, it with to talk, smile, and promise, that it at least gets someone to call 113.

– Fastlegene is still here

– It is very important that one contact that would otherwise be made if there are symptoms that can be acute. It also applies to all other conditions in addition to those who may have symptoms of stroke, ” says Marte Kvittum, and the Environment.

She is the leader of the Norwegian association for general medicine. The pliers are also concerned that patients now wait before they contact your primary care doctor or hospital.

the Leader of the Norwegian association for general medicine, Marte Kvittum, and the Environment, ” says fastlegene still is there to treat patients with both chronic and acute diseases.

Photo: Thomas B Eckhoff / Thomas Eckhoff/The Norwegian legefo

On fastlegekontorer, they have taken measures to prevent infection and one wishes that patients with respiratory symptoms first contact on the telephone or with video services on the web.

Other groups of patients should also contact and get help, ” says Tangen.

” We need to get the message out to all patients. The doctor is still there, just on the new surfaces for some.

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