The US health authority FDA speaks of an epidemic. Within one year the number of students who smoke has risen in the U.S. by nearly 40 percent. An increase that is mainly due to the E-cigarette Boom, and particularly on the success of a particular brand: Juul. The E-Zigi from California, which looks like a USB-Stick, it has conquered the market in the United States by storm. With your Marketing, the brand is speaking especially to young smokers, which has triggered fierce criticism.

in Switzerland, is Juul on the rise. Since the end of last year, the steam device and all nicotine-containing Pods in different flavors available in Switzerland, sales and distribution partner for the kiosk operator Valora.

Doctors warn of damage

Swiss Doctors are alerted whether to enter the market. In a letter nearly 40 physicians, most of them in a managerial function, as well as several health organizations to the health commissions of the Parliament. apply now Warn you penetrating in front of new tobacco products, such as Juul. The “expected losses” would be “anything other than minor” if the state will admit, “that such products addiction the Nicotine in particularly sensitive brain of youth”, it says in the letter, the VIEW.

The Doctors are calling for advertising, therefore, a comprehensive and sponsorship ban for Juul and similar products. It is about the protection of the health of the Swiss population. Written the letter on behalf of his colleagues Rainer M. Kaelin, a physician for Internal medicine and pneumology, and a former Vice-President of the lung League of Switzerland.

Juul fights

the letter, the physicians hope to convince the health policy makers of the Council of States. This advice tomorrow, Tuesday, the new tobacco product law. A first Version of the law was rejected by the Parliament in 2016, the Federal Council, because the proposed advertising bans went too far. From the second draft of the Federal Council overturned after successful Lobbying by the tobacco industry, finally, a ban on the advertising of tobacco products in cinemas, on billboards and in Newspapers. What the law contains but still, is a ban on sale of tobacco products – including E-cigarettes to minors.

Juul self defends itself against the reproach of the Physicians, especially to young people as the target. It is a rather take on a pioneering role in matters of youth protection, says managing Director Jonathan Green. He refers also to the fact that there are also health professionals that E-Cigs such as Juul for a less harmful Alternative to conventional cigarettes. The Federal Council also noted that “according to current knowledge, E-cigarettes,” “less health-damaging than tobacco cigarettes”.

Today, there is a gap in the law

Currently, a law prevails in Switzerland, the gap, which relates to E-cigarettes. Since a landmark judgment of the Federal administrative court from last April, nicotine containing E can be sold-Cigs to minors, provided that they meet the technical requirements of an EU or EEA member state. For example, in the case of Juul. The industry agreed last autumn, but on a voluntary basis a code of conduct. He sees a sales ban for minors, as well as a ban on advertising targeted at under 18-Year-old. Also Juul has joined the code of conduct.

a wide variety of health and youth welfare organisations have launched already an Initiative to a clearer prohibition on advertising to enforce. The signature collection will run until this September.

thousands of young people in the US are already addicted to the Hipster-Zigi Juul. In Switzerland, Doctors are sounding the Alarm – with a Warnbrief to the health Commission. How can we act in Switzerland, the dangerous Trend? Write your opinion in the comment column.