Kiev online portal, close to the Verkhovna Rada, announced the discovery of 42-year-old Elena Zelenskaya, which had long been no news. According to sources in the Metropolitan hospital “Feofania”, a VIP patient for the third week in a row fighting the coronavirus in a hospital the best in Ukraine a medical institution.

“Feofania” subject to the Public Affairs Department and is authorized to service the higher government officials of Ukraine and representatives of the diplomatic corps.

After after PRL-surveys became aware of the infection Elena Zelensky Covid-19, Dr. “Theophany” was diagnosed with the First Lady and “community-acquired bilateral polysegmental pneumonia”. It happened on June 12. However, after 4 days, Elena Vladimirovna was urgently hospitalized in one of Kiev hospitals. As suggested by “MK”, the lady contracted the coronavirus in one of the orphanages in Kiev region.

a week and a Half the Office of the President of Ukraine was silent concerning the state of health of Mrs. Zelensky. On 30 July, the press service of the Ukrainian President finally announced the release of optimistic about the beginning of the healing process of the spouse of Vladimir Zelensky.

Sources told the details of hospital life, Mrs. Zelensky. It turned out that all medical providers “Theophany” admitted to the VIP service-the patient are near it in protective suits. They also are told to use diapers, so as not to go to the bathroom and thus do not “break” is built in the clinic system.