Doctors found a major hidden symptom coronavirus COVID-19

British scientists have discovered another hidden symptom СOVID-19 — of the infection by the coronavirus can say the deterioration or complete loss of smell.

According to statistics from the world health organization, 80 percent of cases infected with coronavirus, and at this point in the world there are almost 340 thousand, suffer from mild, with few symptoms or none at all.

what if COVID-19 and can lose the ability to distinguish odors, the doctors noted before. In Germany, for example, in two cases out of three among other to develop symptoms and loss of sense of smell — it is called anosmia. In South Korea, it was detected in 30 percent of the recovered coronavirus in the form of light. In the UK, drew attention to the fact that anosmia may be either the first or the only manifestation of the disease. Fears were confirmed when COVID-19 had contracted two British otolaryngologist who took patients without any symptoms. In this regard, those who suddenly lost sense of smell, it is proposed to minimize the communication with other people.

“a New symptom is loss of smell and sense of taste. It may mean that people without other symptoms, but only with the loss of smell may need to isolate themselves to reduce the spread of the virus, because they can be contagious,” says Nirmal Kumar, President of the British Association of otolaryngology.

of Course, British doctors do not claim that loss of smell necessarily indicate infection with coronavirus. Anosmia often occurs when all kinds of sinusitis and rhinitis, acute respiratory infections. Also problems with the recognition of odors arise after a head injury, while Smoking and exposure to toxins. In addition, anosmia can occur in elderly people with Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

“Factors, under which there is a reduction of perception, a great many. It’s the common cold, vasomotor allergic rhinitis, abuse of alcohol, Smoking, work in the chemical enterprise, sinusitis, sinusitis, frontal sinusitis, deviated septum, traumatic brain injury, complications of diabetes mellitus and prolonged use of vasoconstrictor drugs,” explains therapist Oleg Abakumov.

What causes anosmia, is uncertain. For colds loss of smell, most likely, occurs when edema of the nasal mucosa. Apparently, the viruses damage the mucous layer in the uppermost part of the nasal cavity where the olfactory receptor cells, and thus lose touch with the nerve endings.

of Course, this information will help doctors to protect themselves and to identify new cases of coronavirus. It is also important for another reason: corticosteroids, which are used for anosmia, can only worsen the condition of the sick COVID-19. Therefore, otolaryngologists recommend to abandon the use of medication if you suspect an infection.