This efficient system of reference addressed to patients with mild or asymptomatic disease. From March 23 patients with a diagnosis of “coronavirus infection,” according to the decision of a doctor may remain on the treatment at home. The key task of the physicians in this case becomes the constant monitoring of cases, in order not to miss the deterioration and the time to provide patients with the necessary assistance in an outpatient or to hospitalize the patient.

Experts from Moscow will tell Siberian colleagues how to organize a diagnosis of coronavirus by using a CT-scan. CT scan centres in Moscow was established at the suggestion of the Committee of Clinical-based outpatient clinics for the diagnosis of patients with SARS, community-acquired pneumonia and suspected Covid-19.

in Addition to CT, in centers, additional testing, including blood analysis, analysis of coronavirus, ECG, inspection is performed by a physician, and patients are provided free medicines for treatment. This approach allowed to identify the characteristic features of coronavirus pneumonia in the early stages and to prescribe effective treatment to reduce possible complications.

in Addition to the Advisory and organizational work, the doctors in Moscow will pass in Zabaykalsky Krai drugs for the treatment of patients with COVID-19.

In Transbaikalia departed chief specialist of primary medical and sanitary aid to adult population of the Department of health of Moscow, chief physician of the Advisory-diagnostic polyclinic № 121 Andrew Tyazhelnikov; chief physician of Diagnostic centre No. 5 Pavel Gulyaev; head of the radiology Department, radiologist Consultative-diagnostic polyclinic № 121 Artem Indzhiev, infectious disease physician and Diagnostic center № 5 Tatyana Adamova and head of the branch № 4 of the City polyclinic № 6 Eugene Panin.