The waves go high in the Swiss medical Profession. VIEW made on Monday made public that individual Physicians and clinics with manipulated invoices and trickery, the premium payer cheat on annually by an estimated 80 million Swiss francs. Especially in the case of an eye clinic in the greater Zurich area, the charged patients and insurance companies inflated prices, caused a stir. Now, the Swiss professional society of ophthalmologists (SOG) fights.

in Order to prevent overpriced bills, has launched in the SOG, according to a Board member, Kristof Vandekerckhove, measures are already: “As the first specialist society in Switzerland, the SUCTION with all the health insurance in Switzerland has concluded flat-rate contracts for the three most common and in this country costs the most relevant operations.” So you’ve created transparency.

Urs Stoffel, of the Central Board of the medical Association FMH emphasizes: “We will protect no black sheep.” The FMH before going active against violations if they are reported. “The health insurance Association Santésuisse has complains in 2016, just 0.3 percent of the working Physicians in Switzerland. 98 36’900 Physicians. Were sentenced significantly less.”

authorities would have to

act The FMH concludes that the majority of Doctors to account honestly and correctly. “As a sanction, the Association may impose on the Association a legal Basis, buses and memberships withdraw.” For any further penalties to the Swiss doctors Association, however, tied the hands. Stoffel plays the Ball in to the authorities: “any revocation of Authorisation in the case of renegade Doctors and clinics can only be done through the cantonal health Directorate.”

Michael Jordi, Secretary-General of the health Director’s conference, says: “The law requires that the doctor have a diploma and also to be trustworthy it must be.” Including can be subsumed, according to Jordi, the accounting. In other words: Tricking a doctor, he is not trustworthy and therefore contrary to his professional duty.

The catalogue of Disciplinary measures for documented violations of the professional duties include: a warning, a reprimand, a fine up to 20’000 Swiss francs and as the worst measure of a prohibition from practising a profession. Whether it got banned because of false accounting Professional could not Jordi say to LOOK.

Accurate testing is the responsibility of the funds

In the compulsory health insurance are: you are responsible to check each individual invoice. Per year, of which 107 million are filed by patients, home health care, emergency services, physical therapists, doctor’s offices and hospitals. In the area of compulsory health insurance bills to the value of three billion francs to be taken due to the suspicion of error, especially under the magnifying glass.

“The goal must be, in principle, that the tricks be refunded at the end of the doctor, the unjustified costs,” says Matthias Müller from the health insurance Association Santésuisse. So how in the Canton of St. Gallen in the last year: There was a psychiatrist who was flown back to paid, within two years, a total of 950‘000 Swiss francs to Santésuisse. You had to offset to a considerable extent to high doctor times per day of treatment.