For changes in the law to allow for primary diagnosis patients remotely, were made by the representatives of the business community, however, turned against the doctors. They believe that the proposed amendments cannot be applied in practice, and online consultations are available only when the diagnosis is made. However, experts doubt that medical opinion will be heard.Most Russian doctors were against the amendments to the Law on health protection of citizens who are allowed to put a primary diagnosis of a patient remotely. So, 35% of respondents research firm RNC Pharma and service, “Doctor at work” doctors believe that the proposed innovations cannot be applied in practice. Another 33% noted that online monitoring is possible only with already been diagnosed. The initiative to introduce relevant amendments in mid-June made by the Ministry of economy. It is assumed that doctors will put patients primary diagnosis patients through online consultations. Now the diagnosis and the treatment assignment is only possible during face-to-face appointment. Earlier with a request to make a relief Fund of Internet initiatives development addressed to Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin. The Fund noted that in a pandemic COVID-19 this solution will reduce the risks of infection of patients and physicians.The doctors have always been quite conservative and wary of any innovation, said the development Director for the RNC Pharma Nikolay Bespalov. At the same time, 14% of doctors believe that the statement of primary diagnosis is possible, if the law to examine legal liability issues, doctor-patient, and 5% indicate the need for special software and admission of private laboratory and diagnostic centers in the MHI system.According to Nikolay Bespalov, not against the possibility to diagnose online, such as psychotherapists. He also indicated that the amendments will reduce the burden on the therapists who will be able to determine the problem of the patient and direct it to a more narrow specialist without face-to-face appointment. According to the survey, 7% of physicians believe that both patients and experts ready to innovations. Thus mister Bespalov recalled that in fact a number of telemedicine services have now put the primary online diagnoses and prescribe treatment, to bypass the restrictions.From the beginning of 2020, the telemedicine market was made three big trades. In may, the structure of the web.Russia VEB Ventures received a share in “the next Doctor”, and in June, Gazprombank became the owner of a minority stake in the popular in the regions network of clinics GK “Expert”. In addition, one of the largest networks of private medical clinics in Russia — group of companies “Medsi”, which is included in AFK “Sistema” Vladimir EVturenkova, became the owner of 12.5% in the developer of artificial intelligence for healthcare “Platform Third opinion”. Experts attribute the growing interest of large investors to the telemedicine projects with the increased demand for online consultations with consumers during a pandemic.Maria Kotova