an Unexpected symptom of coronavirus in some cases, it may be a long hiccup. To such conclusion the American doctors.

as an example, The American Journal of Emergency Medicine describes a case of 62-year-old patient.

“62-year-old man with no malignant neoplasms or of diseases of the lungs applied to the emergency Department with a four day history of persistent hiccups. If you don’t count hiccups, his initial examination otherwise unremarkable”, – says the publication.

the Patient complained of weight loss and long-term hiccups. The man did not suffer from cancer, never smoked, and he was not typical of coronavirus symptoms, such as fever, nasal congestion, shortness of breath, pain in the throat or chest. He also said he didn’t do any trips and didn’t contact with patients.

However, x-ray examination and CT scan showed lung dimmable with a specific effect of “frosted glass”. The patient was discovered coronavirus.

According to doctors, should pay attention to these atypical manifestations COVID-19.