Suspected of corruption, fraud and infidelity accuse the German authorities of the pharmaceutical giant Roche, and by the premises of the company therefore sought, as yesterday it became known. With sponsorship of the company of a doctor, Roche should have ensured that his medication be prescribed.

sponsorship of Doctors, hospitals, and organizations by Pharmaceutical companies in Switzerland. This shows a large analysis of data on non-monetary benefits to professionals and organisations in the health sector, the pharmaceutical companies disclose since 2015. LOOK they are evaluated together with the “observer”, “trade newspaper” and “Le Temps” in a complex micro-labour and provided. The result: it’s 2015 140.6 million, flowed two years later, around 162,6 million Swiss francs to the Doctors, and co. – nearly 16 percent more.

Unispitäler get millions of

Above all, the sums increased cost paid to the Congress and the sponsorship budget. Almost everybody gets what: Canton hospitals, home doctors, a “rheumatism kränzli”. A doctor got in 2017, a contribution to travel expenses from petty 4.12 francs, a colleague was refunded by a company Congress costs in the amount of 1721 francs, the Zurich Association of pharmacists was sponsored with 20’000 Swiss francs. Most of all, however, flows at the Stars in your field of research, and organizations with great influence in the industry they are called “Opinion leaders”, i.e. opinion makers.

Among the health organizations, the 2017 received the most, are the Unispitäler Basel, Lausanne and Zurich, as well as the island group to which it belongs, the Berne University hospital. They received significantly in excess of 2 million Swiss francs. The Zurich Unispital explained on request, targeted co-operation with the industry “today, for the development of medicine is essential”.

top receiver in cancer research

other companies Also are vigorously sponsored. For example, Excemed, which describes itself as a “leading global provider” of medical education. Overall, the Geneva-based Organisation received around 4.7 million Swiss francs. One of Esmo is located in Viganello TI: Alone, 10.3 million francs, received the society for cancer research, in 2017, 95 out of 100 Swiss francs in the form of donations and sponsorship. Esmo is a Bank in the field of Oncology – aimed conferences, has scientific journals and a following of 20’000 members worldwide.

not to focus only on organizations, pharmaceutical companies, Doctors are blessed with money. Front: Rolf Stahel, a instance in the field of Oncology and Director of the Comprehensive Cancer center (CCCZ) at the Unispital in Zurich. He got in the year 2017, more than 98’900 Swiss francs from companies like Bayer, Roche or AstraZeneca, declared as fees. Also his Deputy at CCCZ, Michael Weller, is supported by the pharmaceutical industry strong. He received about 58’300 francs. General: The workforce of the Unispitals Zurich seems to be an interesting target for the pharmaceutical companies. Also, with the 67’100 francs, the number two among the Top recipients, Jan Steffel, working as a Deputy clinic Director at the University heart center in Zurich.

Clear rules for money-assumptions

their independence through the money the big Pharmaceutical companies Is in danger? Many of them explain that The money would not influence their own research and work, to be independent and not biased. Rolf Stahel wants to take no position on to his top spot on the list of recipients. Writes: “I have declared the services I have received, voluntarily.” The cooperation of the medical Profession at the University hospital was subjected to “clear rules”.

there are also the pharmaceutical companies themselves. You need to stick to the so-called Pharma cooperation code (PKK) of the Association for Science Industries. This does not regulate how exactly the companies will make their transparency Reports available to the Public, leading some companies to take advantage of (see second Text). He says clearly: These payments are allowed to establish “no incentive to recommend certain medicines in the human medicine, to prescribe, acquire, supply, sell or administer”.

“Pharma funds-in-Switzerland” is a project of the Ringier Axel Springer Research Network. In this network of journalists from different media to work together in TRANS-national, data-driven or investigative projects. Him the following media: “world”, and “image” (Germany), “Politico” (Belgium), “Pulse” (Nigeria), “Onet” (Poland), “Business Insider” (United Kingdom), “” (Slovakia), “Libertatea” (Romania), “Blic” (Serbia), “Blikk” (Hungary), “observer”, view-group, the “Handelszeitung” and “Le Temps” (Switzerland).

For the project have recycled all of the Swiss media of the network data, and for each searchable. The data come from 60 pharmaceutical companies, which have placed them according to the Pharma cooperation code (PKK) of the Association scienceindustries open. You can show the financial benefits that the pharmaceutical industry provides Doctors, hospitals, and other institutions of the health sector.

Why the companies have to pay, if you are not allowed to advertise your own products? Roche to Novartis it sounds similar. It is a matter of knowledge exchange and cooperation with Doctors – and it was “for the research and development of new therapies is essential”.

Everything which is no Problem?

“In this century is no longer acceptable,”

studies show that even small amounts of Physicians, for example, in the Form of a dinner, have a significant effect on the choice of drugs. From the contributions of over 5000 U.S. dollars, the prescription increased from the Original medicine in the U.S. by as much as 19 percentage points in . A young doctor from the Canton of Zürich, Switzerland, describes the problem: “If I have a choice between two effects of the same drugs from different manufacturers, one of which is me – in any way – the money has to come: Why should I prescribe exactly the drug of the company, of which I got nothing?”

A need-to-know, Thomas Cerny (66), President of the cancer research Switzerland. It could lead to conflicts of interest, if you take as a physician, personal payments from pharmaceutical companies. The former chief doctor of the clinic for Medical Oncology and Haematology at the cantonal hospital of St. Gallen criticises specifically, the Top receiver among the Doctors. “The fact that staff at public hospitals get monetary benefits from pharmaceutical companies in a total of six figures or high five figures, as Mr Stahel, I can’t defend.” Especially in higher positions, you have already good wages. Cerny: “Such personal payments are, for me, generally speaking, in this century, is no longer acceptable and defamatory.”

“independence high

Cerny hold,” says even, that it is difficult to answer is whether you will unknowingly by a number of pharmaceutical companies depends, if you assume you money. Just influence physicians rich, he urges, nevertheless, to the sensitivity. The more you be opinion-makers, “the more you should keep the independence with the necessary distance to the pharmaceutical industry”.

so What are the Pharma-payments with the recipients? Ask your doctor or pharmacist.