Many in such difficult circumstances depends on the coaches. Their talent and skills in the shortest possible time to help players gain form. However, some consistent work, you can tell if Premier League came almost a leader in Europe for the firing of coaches? Last season of 16 professionals who led their clubs at the start of the championship, the place has retained only five of them. And some of them have also faced certain difficulties.

the Trend lately is that even the achievement of the result does not guarantee a particular coach keep his job. A vivid example of Yuri Semin. Since returning in “the locomotive” in 2016, he led the team to victory in the League and the domestic super Cup, twice won the Cup of Russia, but even before the resumption of last season left the club.

however, it is worth noting that for quite a long time our coaches are not in demand in Europe. Why is this happening and why in the Russian League so often change coaches, in an interview with “RG” said the former striker of the national team of the USSR, honored master of sports and coach of the USSR, the winner of Olympic games-1988 Anatoly Byshovets.

In your opinion, why Russian clubs often sack coaches?

Anatoliy Byshovets: Here all in a complex should be considered. The future of the coach would depend not only on results but also on the position of leadership, the athletic Director, players. In addition, the coach’s work is not only appreciated for his performances in the championship and in European competitions. And we’re just participating, not winning.

we Can say that the profession of a coach we have depreciated?

Anatoliy Byshovets: It is not devalued, and depersonalized. What I mean? Many coaches are satisfied with the conditions offered to them by clubs. And they do not put their conditions at work. This is the first. Second – our wonderful past players that have become coaches, you need to complement the gaming experience knowledge.

Sergei Semak all wins in Russia against Zenit, but in Europe there is no success. What is your impression of his work?

Anatoliy Byshovets: a coach must be moral qualities, and he should have some knowledge of the culture to be able to manage the players. Arman has it all. Sergey is a coach who thinks looking. But I would like something else to add. I have a moral right to evaluate coaches and players. I have my own achievements. In matches with the great players in European and world Championships I sometimes recognized the best. Then the background was different: we had a lot of stars and famous persons. And today’s plank is to be the best among the worst.

Our coaches have long been no demand in Europe. Why is this happening?

Anatoly Byshovets: including the fact that there is no success in European competitions. And we have no demand for professionalism. Look at what is happening with the same referees. It’s a sore topic now. Comes Kassai, but it’s not getting better. Moreover, all the worse. After all, professionalism is defined by attitude, not money. And we have the opposite. Today if you suggest any ideas, it is a grain that did not fall on fertile ground.