an international group of researchers conducted a DNA analysis of the remains of the so-called “ladies at the well”, who died more than 3,500 years ago and was found in Turkey, and found that it was of Central Asian origin.

according to Daily Sabah, the discovery will help scientists to better understand the migration routes of peoples in one of the decisive periods in the history of mankind.

the Researchers conducted DNA analysis on women, which remains with signs of violent death were found during excavations in the ancient city Alalakh in Turkey. They were found in a deep well, so the researchers called this woman a “lady in the well”.

But research has been devoted not only to her. All were analyzed the remains of the 110 people who lived in the period from 7500 to 3000 years ago on a vast territory encompassing modern Turkey and Iran.

Results provided the most complete to date set of data on the genetics of the people and the interaction of peoples in the region after the advent of agriculture and the emergence of city-States. These were two important milestones in the history of mankind.

Scientists have found that populations from Anatolia and the Caucasus have begun to genetically mix around 6500 BC. Migration the following changes have occurred around 4000 years ago when local people began to intermingle with the peoples of Mesopotamia.

DNA Analysis “ladies at the well” proved that people migrated very long distances. It was established that she was born somewhere in Central Asia, about 3200 kilometers from the well, which had discovered its remains.

According to the researchers, she died at the age of 40 to 45 years, probably between 1625 and 1511 years BC. Her body had traces of numerous injuries.

“How and why a woman from Central Asia – or both her parents – were Allahe, we don’t know, says study co-author, a German archaeologist, Ludwig Maximilian Philipp Stockhammer from the Research center of the max Planck Institute (Germany). It was the invaders or slaves? Maybe this woman married? We can only say that genetically it is completely a stranger to these places, and it certainly was not a child born as the result of inter-ethnic marriage.”

According to him, analysis of the remains proved that the “lady in the well” was killed. But the cause of death, apparently, set will never succeed. We can only guess who took her life and why. Maybe she was a random victim of robbers. It is not excluded that the murderers were motivated by a hatred of foreigners.