Dmitry Volkostrelov has put at the Petersburg performance of

the Premiere will be held on March 28 in the framework of the online festival #of beantragte. The audience will see only one of five posing options. What is a secret. The content depends on the audience – they will have the opportunity to ask a question classic in the social networks of theater and get an answer.

Photo: courtesy theater “RG” invites readers without a visa and masks in Russian theatre in Londonto want to ask Pushkin or Tolstoy?

What plays the basis of your performances?

Dmitriy volkostrelov: When I received the offer of the theater to put some classical piece, I read a different play. If you work with the classics, there is a problem – the text needs to be interpreted. It turns out great and talented, but secretly I always appears the question – why do it? Because you can just take a modern text, not to rewrite, not to engage in this exercise. So I thought: maybe we can brainstorm all the Russian classics?

We work with time, with the events that took place with writers and space, which is invented with artist Xenia Peretrukhina. This play is not so much about the literature of the “Golden age” as the time – since 1799 (Pushkin was born) to 1904 (Chekhov died). The timing is subjective. You can start earlier, finish later. But it is important to say that we are not just took the texts of Russian classics, shuffled them, and they do. Rather, we try to be in this space and time.

Again prepare provocation? Not everyone is close and clear to your experiments, and not seen as the weeksawalnya the audience away with your performances…

Dmitriy volkostrelov: We are not engaged in provocation, don’t cook them. I think it’s quite pointless. Why waste your time? Maybe for someone it will be a challenging performance. But we have been working, and there was an audience to interact with this complexity.

Moscow art theatre. Gorky launched TV channel “Mat says.”

the performance will be five options. Why?

Dmitriy volkostrelov: I asked actors to choose from for every decade one key event that happened in this period of time. Surprisingly, out of 50 events coincided in only one – the unsuccessful premiere of the play “the Seagull” in 1896 at the Alexandrinsky theatre.

This is awesome – such a different look there! Russian literature of that time, indeed, immense. But it is impossible to grasp the immensity, and I thought I can make several variants of the play. There will be several layers of action. Unchanged – actors, their behavior, what they are doing. But the music and video in performance each time, depending on historical events, chosen by a specific artist. For example, we will always mention the abolition of serfdom – perhaps one of the key events in the history of Russia in General. And depending on the version of the performance of different facts: Ryleyev was executed, there was a fire in Moscow in 1812, found “the Word about Igor’s regiment”.

Five actors – your permanent team, all of “theatre post”?

Dmitriy volkostrelov: this is my first experience with Dasha Rumyantseva, although we are classmates and familiar 18, and actress-youth theatre Nastya Kazakova. Boris Chistyakov participated in my performances in the youth Theatre and “theatre post”. And Ivan Nikolaev and Alena Hundredrostina is contributors in almost all projects of “theatre post”, its full-time co-founders.

how the audience will ask questions of the classics?

Dmitriy volkostrelov: I rarely participate in theatrical laboratories (you know, when the Director arrives in an unfamiliar theater, talking to actors, you can experiment, try different options, and in a few days, arrange screenings, if something interesting happens – the work continues), but I was in there and came up with: we will ask questions classics. And in our new performance, I thought it was appropriate. Why not? However, now the audience will not be the first show they will ask questions in social networks.

Photo: Sergey Fadeichev / TASS Sergei Makovetsky: Let I be a bastard

How do you feel about online broadcasts of performances?

Dmitriy volkostrelov: Honestly, I have this complex relationship. In this situation, we do it because there is a necessity. We can’t cancel the plans of the theatre. But it seems strange epidemic, in connection with the quarantine occurred, the desire to online. Theatres are actively trying to fill the void. In fact, it used to be – you can watch the performances in the recording. I don’t really feel the difference between the performance in the recording and online broadcasting. I think it is important the personal presence of the audience in the theater, in a space where something happens.

In my opinion, it is now possible to take a break, to breathe, to look around, to think about the future. Although I know colleagues: going to the theatre is a habit, and need to remind myself that she was lost.

In the Meyerhold theatre centre, you were preparing the premiere by April and a big international festival in June. Hnow?

Dmitriy volkostrelov: We are preparing the premiere of “Opus DNA” by Catherine Augustyniak, the St. Petersburg Director and playwright, her play last year was presented at “Lyubimovka” and received the grant. While suspended.

the little theatre has opened the online workout from the pros

I Invented the action “Hell is…”, a strategy to promote our new play, “Hell is me” Temporary Association “Chronotope” from St. Petersburg. Launched its crisis centre psychological assistance to all those affected by the quarantine. We offer you to share their pain, their lifehacks, and more. “Dear editors” will be around the clock to process the submitted stories and publish them in our social networks. One condition – to begin his story with the words “Hell is…”. Sharing your stories can be anonymous (or signed) in Google form.

St. Petersburg “theatre post” in connection with the work in Moscow you have left?

Dmitriy volkostrelov: Not working.


on March 27 at 19 o’clock starts online educational program for the premiere of “Russian classics” – interview, “What did the author want to say” with Director Dmitry Volkostrelov and artist Ksenia Peretrukhina. You can join us in the group theatre.

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March 21 and 22 around 2 million people took the opportunity to watch previews and free broadcast performances of St. Petersburg theatres online festival #of beantragte. Every theatrical production looked from 50 to 70 thousand people. Among them were residents of the Far East, Kaliningrad and Central Russia, the Baltic States, Germany and Spain.