Yevgeniya Olegovna, during a pandemic already stamp was the idea that after Kovida-19 life will never be the same, we were different. Do you agree with this?

Evgeniya Dmitrieva: don’t know, it’s hard to say… I just hope it all finally ends – after all, I’m a theater actress and I can’t work on remote. Desperate to return to a normal meeting with the audience, not on Zuma. The only thing that was positive in quarantine – a long chat with the family, which was not for many months. And I would enjoy it additional leave of absence, if I didn’t think about those people who over it was on the brink of survival. I do not dare to say: “Oh, how well I did, I rested, he saw his family”. Can’t afford it.

But do you think the cinema people will go? Or decides that he and the house looks good?

Evgeniya Dmitrieva: Sure that the live energy of theatre people, which he always wore, was missing. And about the movie it’s hard to say, nevertheless it really can be at home to watch. But check on “happy end”.

the story takes place in Thailand. You been there before?

Evgeniya Dmitrieva: Never. First came the movie and immediately fell in love with this country. Actually, not just the road was not easy. Barely flew, then drove the car, then boarded the ferry. Just collapsed in a pool in the hotel as I was immediately dragged into the costume fitting and makeup. Tortured hair back in Moscow I built up to shoot a hair, it is necessary for them to care, and I don’t. Well, if that were not enough, on the first day of shooting I got sun stroke with all its consequences. In General, I just woke up on the third day. And then I felt elation from Thailand.

Yes, scolopendra run on the walls like in a film.

Evgeniya Dmitrieva: first, reconcili, and secondly, I have a son – “biologist”, and grabs all that running and jumping. So I’m used to. I enjoyed the warmth, the beauty, the sea. In between shots I was walking with her son and his nanny went on trips in the Panda Park, which is stretched between the vines. Everything was wonderful. And besides, I really liked the Thais. Friendly, warm, not in a hurry. Smiling all the time and be happy with what’s going on. And as I thought, they can easily accept the domestic difficulties. The sun is there, there are fish – and good.

We have to learn Thai to enjoy life.

Evgeniya Dmitrieva: Oh, we have a cold. Remember, as in Chekhov’s Masha in “Three sisters” says: “I Live in this climate and look to the snow, and then there’s these conversations”. And I was surprised by the combination of obedience and cheerfulness with which they all take. Here is the “cap”: we cannot go there – shooting. Well, the motorcycle turned around and went the other way. No one stopped to Express their opinion as we do: “What? Tired! Interfere!” Don’t know, maybe the fact that this is a country of tourism, and Thais are intended to come were they good.

it is said that the producers initially wanted a charismatic old man Xenophon played by Robert de Niro, Jean Reno, or bill Murray, but they planned for the years ahead. The search lasted six months until the Director Evgeny shelyakin in General do not accidentally met Mikheil Gomiashvili, “the ideal of Xenophon”. It is clear that de Niro is all marketing…

Evgeniya Dmitrieva: But of course, it’s great that played Mike, I’m entranced by it. Of course, I would like to work with Robert De Niro, but not in this story. Well, perhaps he could say: “the Crook!” It’s Misha’s expression and it immediately clear: “our man”. Why take the artist with other roots and settle in this story? And so there are a lot of conventions. There is a man with no memory, in a completely strange place, meets lady, gets her to work.

Well, why not, everything in life can be…

Evgeniya Dmitrieva: And this also has some Russian adventurousness – zadruzhitsya with Thais, to go catch fish with him. And not ask to take him to the Embassy or somewhere else where you can decide his fate at the official level, as would a foreigner.

references In the “happy ending” – “the marigold Hotel the Best exotic”. And this is a rare case, usually a contemporary national cinema ignores the Mature characters. Why?

Evgeniya Dmitrieva: I also ask this question. Look, we love movies with Meryl Streep, Catherine Deneuve. And we are afraid of stories about “age” in a woman.

the Feeling of discomfort does not occur?

Evgeniya Dmitrieva: of Course, there is. Therefore, I teach English. Suddenly, it will entice some interesting international project. Because in our series, all entirely thrown miserable loners who already on what do not hope, but suddenly… Sadness. I have so many beat! When I send another such scenario, I say: “Why? Turn on the TV, that’s what I’m out there and play!”

at least sometimes fantasize, who would you like to play?

Evgeniya Dmitrieva: Oh, I don’t know… Perhaps a woman turning age. It’s not so much the personality, as the personality in a critical situation.

would be Able to star in the film “Sophie’s Choice”, the heroine of which is facing a terrible choice: who of her two children to sacrifice for the sake of the other?

Evgeniya Dmitrieva: (Long pause) It’s scary. But��ogle would. Because it should not be forgotten. It is necessary to remove such films as “Sophie’s Choice”. To stage performances as “Live paintings” at the Theatre of Nations, in which I play. The author of the play Polina Barskova has long gone in America, but it continues to explore the siege and wrote a story about how during the war, lived the workers of the Hermitage.

But still this theme in the theatre – a rarity.

Evgeniya Dmitrieva: Because it’s hard. Still, a movie can tell a story of life in the siege of Leningrad or the concentration camp through a terrible, terrible life. And in the theater as to convey the flour malnourished people? Remember when we were rehearsing “Living pictures”, the only thing I came up with – so I made a dress two sizes larger. In the theater it is necessary to seek another truth. Like Lev Abramovich Dodin in “Life and fate” or as Peter Naumovich Fomenko in “One absolutely happy village” about the Genesis of the war. Impossible performance. Remember, the village and began to sob.

But “One absolutely happy village” is a rare exception because what was written about the war by Soviet playwrights, set today, is virtually impossible. False turns. Young artists a different feel that time. I remember when my teacher Rimma Solntseva put in nineteen ninety-some year “My poor Marat” by Alexei Arbuzov, she edits out pieces from the play and shouted: “Now it is impossible to play! To say so!” And left only a love story.

Now it is necessary to undertake other works. My husband, for example, did a request for a play on the famous book the diary of Masha Rolnikaite “I have to tell” – about her childhood in the ghetto and a Nazi concentration camp… Watch incredibly scary. I love the theatre irony, lightness, some mischief, and here all the time are tears. But how else? Polina Barskova is wonderful said, “as long as we remember, they are alive”…