Ditte Ylva Olsen is 42 years old and have achieved a whole lot in his life. She is a known face among Danish actors and has among other things been involved in a number of series and stage plays.

today, she says, however, that there are some things she does not have, which has been a consequence of the choices she has taken in her life.

“Maybe they had worried about girlfriends right. Today I am 42. I can I as well think: ‘fuck’. In the past, I think all the time, you met the delicious and exciting singles that it was something to keep snitterne for themselves, haha.”, she says for the magazine Femina, where she elaborates:

“With the aged is the rotation just become less. Perhaps I should have got the man, house and child at the time. It is hard to say.”

She says that she would like to have children, but that they must come from a kærlighedsrelation.

Solomor-life is not something she would choose for herself, and so she can see that there perhaps is a risk that she does not have children.

the Actress calls, however, also clear in the interview that she does not want to assess itself on whether or not she has had children or not. She sees herself as a whole human being.

Ditte Ylva Olsen is the current in the series ‘hand in Hand’, where she plays one of the lead roles, and she has great success in his professional life.

Her life, however, has not only treated to peeks, she told back in 2018. She towered namely, a intestinal to himself, which made her unable to work for a year.

“It’s kind of a cliché, to be able to say that he has become stronger of something that has been hard. You must also just be allowed to think that something has been hard, and to think that one has been out for something you would wish you had not,” said the actress at the time.

“I have it a little difficult with the tvangspositive position. Life is not only fat. There are also bad sides. And instead of trying to insist that they do not exist, it is perhaps more rewarding, we will be better able to deal with the painful things.”

‘hand in Hand’ can be seen on the TV 3 and Viaplay.