Disturbing news from Italy: coronavirus penetrated in prison

From the European epicenter of the coronavirus, Italy, continues to receive disturbing news. The disease penetrated into the prison, threatening Verstraeten distribution. The country’s health system may not survive. This broadcast, 60 minutes said the VGTRK correspondent in Rome Asya Emelyanova.

“There are cases in prisons among prisoners and staff. In a closed, crowded space the virus will spread very quickly. A prison in Italy, as you know, is a terrible thing. If all will begin to be transported to hospitals, and prisoners with heavy periods will have to give protection, the system can not sustain”, — expressed concern about the correspondent.

She noted that statistics on the disease in Italy is getting worse. Yesterday, recovered 2900 people, but ill – 3500. This is 12% more than the day before. Also, a lot of deaths – 345 per day. “And with that Italy yet can not do anything,” — said the reporter.

According to her, the most difficult situation in Bergamo. “No wonder the mayor a week ago begged me to close it. First, there over the place in the morgue, and now there are no places in hospitals. This morning, the military deployed a field hospital, but it is clear that its capabilities are very limited,” added Asya Emelyanova.

she Also said that Milan is now an urgent re-equipment of pavilions to the hospital. In a short time, you should see 400 seats. While rim has promised Milan 140 ventilators.

in addition, the writer noted that despite the toughening of measures to combat the spread of coronavirus, the Italians continue to massively violate the quarantine, leaving the house. So, the police of Lombardy warned residents about tracking their movements via mobile phones. However, according to the findings 40% of the population continues to move, breaking the quarantine. And in MiLana subway at six in the morning still full.

“But no one has yet found the courage to stop public transport. We expect this measure,” — said in conclusion Asya Emelyanova.

the Number of infected COVID-19 in the world for more than 200 thousand people. Eight thousand of them died. The virus has infected more than 138 countries. But the most alarming situation today in Europe, where the widespread quarantine is declared.