Ralf Teckentrup recently said that there is a triad that makes Condor successful: low costs, good service and motivated employees. And that’s why the holiday airline has “excellent chances, in the next three, four or however many years,” said the CEO to the magazine Wirtschaftswoche. It was kind of a preview of what’s to come after he’ll retire next spring.

But the triad has become disharmonious. In an open letter to Teckentrup, the collective bargaining committee of the Cockpit Association complained that the boss had “lost the necessary sense of proportion” as to “what can and cannot be expected of the employees”. According to the pilots’ union, Condor’s success has so far been based on the much-vaunted Condor spirit. You just did something like that for the company, made something possible without obligation.

“A dissatisfaction runs through the entire workforce”

In the meantime, however, this is no longer a matter of course, according to the representatives of the Condor cockpit staff. Management’s specifications strengthened this development “considerably”. These are harsh allegations that Teckentrup was made after he successfully led the company through the insolvency and Corona crisis.

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Not only the pilots are dissatisfied, according to the union. “As a result, dissatisfaction and resignation runs through the entire workforce, which endangers the path to a successful future,” says the letter that aeroTELEGRAPH has available and is dated November 25th.

Condor: Negotiations successfully concluded

There are also very specific allegations. Condor does not comply with the “reduced collective agreement, which has been greatly adjusted in favor of the employer”. In addition, promised compensation would not be granted in return for accepting austerity measures. The conclusion of the Cockpit Association: The constructive social partnership approach that has been practiced up to now has “in the meantime become very one-sided”.

After a challenging summer for everyone in aviation, including Condor, of course, talks were held with all social partners to relieve the burden, says a Condor spokeswoman. At first they were challenging. The letter is from that time. In the meantime, however, the negotiations have been concluded. “Despite collective agreements, an increase in expense rates of over 20 percent from January 1, 2023 was agreed. In addition, further measures were jointly decided, for example to stabilize the duty rosters or the introduction of iPads as tools in the cabin.”

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New owner has new goals

Then on Friday (December 9th) a message that not all crews welcomed. Condor’s majority owner Attestor announced that it would set up a new airline. Marabu Airlines will head for Urlaubszeile from Hamburg and Munich. This is causing concern again. “When the same owner operates the same routes with the same aircraft and uses Condor sales, many questions are raised,” says Stefan Herth, President of the Cockpit Association. Such constructions are likely to put pressure on collective bargaining and working conditions.

One thing is clear: After the bankruptcy of the former owner Thomas Cook, it was all about survival. With Attestor, Condor now has a financial investor as owner. And their business model is simple in principle: achieve the highest possible return on the capital invested. Be it through collected dividends or a resale.

“Foundations of success are employees”

But the Cockpit Association sees things a little differently. It couldn’t go on like this, says the letter to Teckentrup. And further: “The success of a company may be measured on the basis of a balance sheet. However, the foundations of this success are the employees.

This article was written by Stefan Eiselin

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