The conflict between the United States and Iran has come to a head this week. After US President Donald Trump (72) was sent off last weekend, its aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln in the direction of the Persian Gulf and the sanctions against Iran are tightened, reacted in Tehran with the announcement that it would withdraw from the nuclear deal.

This development caused great nervousness. US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo (55) had burst on Tuesday, a Meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel (64) and traveled surprisingly, in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad. There he warned of an “imminent” attack Iran, and announced at the same time, in the case of an immediate retaliatory strike.

in the Midst of all these tensions, Trump turned on Thursday to the leadership of the Islamic Republic. The US President called on his counterpart Hassan Rouhani (70) to a telephone call, to a joint Meeting.

Switzerland should Iran telephone number to

Here in Bern. According to CNN, the White house should have been contacted shortly after trump’s public appeal to Iran to Switzerland. Therefore, the Americans in Bern to have communicated to a telephone number, which is what the Iranian President Trump could reach.

The White house confirmed the operation to CNN. The transmitter refers to a non-closer-called source, the mutmasst that the Swiss would not have passed the phone number. This one would do in Bern, probably only if Iran specifically asks for it.

but This is highly unlikely. On Friday, Iran rejected the offer of talks from Trump. There will be no talks with the Americans, said a representative of the influential revolutionary guards, the semi-official Tasnim news Agency, according to. “Our Nation is (…) regarded America as unreliable,” the political Affairs of the elite troop of competent Vice-chief, Jadollah Dschawani, therefore. The United States should not dare to use military against Iran to proceed, he warned.

Bern was moved by the Americans, because the US and Iran have no official diplomatic relations. Switzerland as a protection to the American interests and power represents in Tehran. This means that Switzerland provides services for U.S. citizens in the country, such as visa processing.

war ship and anti-aircraft missile system moved

On Friday night, the conflict came to a head. The United States moved due to the increased risk of an Iranian attack, a war-ship and anti-aircraft missile system in the Region. The acting Minister of defence, Patrick Shanahan had agreed to the relocation of the “USS Arlington” and of the Patriot system in the Region, according to the Pentagon.

The Pentagon wanted to make it on Friday, no details of the timetable and the exact location of the installation on grounds with security measures. In the opinion it was said merely to observe the activities of the Iranian government very carefully.