The Italian polymath Galileo Galilei disproved 1614 the then dominant view that air had no weight. Then he claimed that the earth rotate around the sun. More than 99 percent of the time, scientists were of a different opinion and referred to Galileo’s claims as blasphemy.

The astrophysicist Nir Joseph Shaviv, a rejection of 97 percent of his colleagues faced. He says, science is not a democracy. The German Parliament invited him to Berlin to his theses.

science question

Shaviv make claims that the climate warming in the early middle ages was much stronger, because the solar radiation was higher and the volcanic activity is low. It was misleading, only the last 100 years for climate models. Many consider his statements for “nonsense”. But the principle of science is not just to make as certain applicable knowledge constantly in question?

the colossal environmental pollution damages the health and human caused, no one is out of the question. Also, the climate warming, no one doubts. In dispute is only whether it is a thousand – year-old natural constant with alternating ice and heat periods, or in whole or in part from human causes.

climate club, Nazi-lobe

You can now use the media-fuelled panic for the new taxes. You can make the climate club to the new Nazi club. But the climate is not really matter. Are asked vision. Historical Knowledge is a prerequisite for this?

Who would have earlier imagined that one day be replaced tracks, the smelly steam locomotives by electric iron, broken heart by healthy, people to land on the moon, and phones are mobile?

Think of Jules Verne!

While we debate about what we prohibit all (or tax) could build the Japanese hydrogen cars and believe that the CO2 emissions of new cars to be able to 30 years to 90 percent.

The world of tomorrow no need to panic pilgrimages, but the engineers and the Faith of Jules Verne, according to which everything a person can think of, one day will be realized from a other people.

Claude Cueni (63) is a writer and lives in Basel. Recently, his new novel is “Waiting for Hergé”. Cueni writes every second Friday.