desert scenes have played out early Sunday in Umkirch near Freiburg (D). A player for a Swiss soccer team, after a hard night in the süddeutsche 5’800-resident community for the riots and damage to property.

VIEW-research shows that The rioters are a football player (18) of the Bern Amateur club FC Utzenstorf. The sales apprentice had traveled with his team last Thursday for a training weekend from the Emmental to Germany.

footballer was 1.7 per thousand intus – at least

However, in the football Camp was not trained only, but also properly celebrated: in the “XXL Dance Night” in the party temple of Heuboden in Umkirch. At least 1.7 per thousand of the footballer intus, as he leaves the Club for 5.45 PM. With his team-mates in tow, the Kicker makes his way to the nearby Hotel Landhaus Blum, where the footballer is staying at. Suddenly the Situation escalated. In a drunken stupor, he begins to riot in the street At the Goose field.

“eye witnesses have seen, how the man damaged several cars,” says Wolfgang Ruf, head of the Police station’s March (D) on request of a VIEW. The intoxicated man throws stones, then rises to a parked BMW. He runs over to the car, but the glass sunroof of the car keeps the. It breaks, it breaks.

to stop, Obviously, there is no reason for the wild Emmentaler his Orgy of Destruction. Instead, he continues his act of vandalism at the Hotel – and demolished two lamps at the entrance of the hotel. Then he goes on two flower pots and throws a trash can through the area. Eye-witnesses to alert the police.

“There is no excuse”

thanks to video surveillance of the rioters could be made a few hours later, in the middle of a Football pitch, during the training of FC Utzenstorf, by the police. According to the head of the Police station March amounts to a directed damage to property on around 2000 euros – the equivalent of 2270 francs. Criminal receipt: The Utzenstorfer a footballer, was prosecuted for property damage.

At the request of-VIEW, the sports Director of FC Utzenstorf, Patrick Blanc, on the failure of his player’s behavior upset. “There is no excuse for what happened,” says Blanc. The consequences for the players were not yet in sight. “We will talk with the player and see what happened,” said the head of sports. Only For the club, the players was not reached, according to Blanc since the return of the team on Sunday yet.