If the Marvel super heroes firecracker or fairy-tale cartoon classics: Disney+ movie and TV Fans get their money. Anyway, if you can access it. Because Swisscom TV users are searching for in the App to no avail.

How to Swisscom-media spokesperson Annina Merk on request, the Portal to the in-house TV Box is currently not available. And, although the Streaming competition, Netflix is pre-installed on the Box already.

“App is not in the required Version not available”

“Basically, we want to offer as many of the content on our platform and speak with several providers, including with Disney,” says Merk on a request from VIEW. There are, however, a Problem: “Disney is not your App is currently still in for the operating system to the Swisscom TV Box to the required Version.”

The question of when Disney+ for Swisscom TV users will be available, don’t want to answer mark: “About concrete innovations, Swisscom informed, but at any given time.” And so users of the white Box need to continue to be stuck with only Netflix. (bsn/klm)