Walt Disney theme parks are considering to take the visitors ‘ temperatures, so everyone can feel safe.

The u.s. Walt Disney group of companies is considering to take the visitors ‘ temperatures, where its theme parks reopen.

It tells the chairman of the board Bob Iger.

– to return to some form of normality, we have discussed that the visitors should feel comfortable and confident. Some of it can come in the form of a vaccine, but in the absence of such a it may come from more control and more restrictions, says Bob Iger.

– just As we now make sure all of the bags, before the visitor goes into our parks, it may be that we are at a point add an element to it and, for example, takes the temperature of people, he says.

Fever can be a symptom that a person is infected with the coronavirus.

the Disney theme parks in the UNITED states and the rest of the world is closed as a result of the prohibition of gatherings of larger groups of people, as is the case in many countries. Denmark’s amusement parks are also closed.

Walt Disney behind the Walt Disney World in Florida and Disneyland in California. Also have underholdningskoncernen theme parks in China, Hong kong, Japan and France.

Disney has not given an indication of when the parks again expect to open the doors for guests.

In 2018 was Walt Disney World in Florida the world’s most visited amusement park, with almost 59 million visitors according to the Themed Entertainment Association.

Book Iger indicates that Disney are looking at China, the way to get citizens back to everyday life after virusudbruddet in the country has come under control.

– In China you can not rise on a bus, a tube or a train or get access to a high-rise building without getting your temperature checked. I am sure that it will also be the case when their schools open again, says Bob Iger.