Who has rent in the city of Zurich in an old apartment building, it can be picky. “Ideally, you are between 35 and 50 years old and non-smokers,” wrote an advertiser on the Online platform Homegate. But that’s not enough: “As a tenant I’m looking for a male, single Person with German as their mother tongue” (see excerpt at right).

The last sentence makes Jana Petrovic* (34) angry. “It is to Cry,” says the Swiss with Serbian roots. By E-Mail, it makes Sunday look at the advertisement carefully: “I am a professional working mother of a daughter, and a search for my little family for months to get an apartment. However, although my Partner and I earn together against 180000 francs a year, we find none in the city of Zurich.” She is convinced that It is up to your name.

Violates the advertisement against the racism criminal standard?

The Swiss tenants Association criticized the said advertisement sharp. “The study demonstrated confirmed that foreigners are discriminated against in finding housing,” said General Secretary Natalie Imboden (48). The disadvantage to success, rather, indirectly by the German “mother language” is required as an award criterion. “But the foreigners, but also French – and Italian-speaking Swiss are excluded by this criterion.”

the question was, whether the particular advertisement against the racist criminal of the movement of norm. “This would be the case, it would, however, only criminal legal consequences for the advertiser. The right to the conclusion of a lease could not be derived.”

Homegate evaluated the Offer only to people with German as their mother language in the law, “a limiting case”. Such formulations are not desirable. For resource reasons, you can’t check, but entire passages of text. “From the last five years, home gate but only three cases with critical content regarding discrimination or racism,” said spokesperson Carina schönberger.

* Name changed by the editors