SPOCD1 protein is the genetic secret of immortality. It is reported by Nature.

According to the study, researchers from the University of Edinburgh (Scotland), SPOCD1 role in protecting the sperm from damage in the early stages of embryo development and, consequently, to ensure the continuity of the transmission of hereditary information from generation to generation, the key.

The transmission of hereditary information provide germ cells. They are vulnerable to DNA segments called transposons, which can cause infertility, damaging of the gene encoding the proteins. Transposons can be blocked by attaching to DNA of methyl groups. SPOCD1 contributes to this.

Also in the regulation of transposons important role of protein MIWI2 and small non-coding RNAS of the Pirna class. SPOCD1 associated with them, and with his loss laboratory mice became infertile.

In 2018, as reported by “the Rambler”, a Professor at the medical school of Harvard University, George Church said that within 10 years scientists will be able to reprogram human cells so that it will no longer be susceptible to cancer, viruses, old age, radiation and freezing.