The one does not know from the proud Apple from Silicon Valley: In the last few days, the iPhone has launched-Bauer worldwide big discounts. For example, in the United States: For the new model XR, the cost is usually around $ 750, there is currently a discount of $ 300. However, only if it emits at the same time his previous iPhone – the minimum standard iPhone 7 Plus.

a US Journalist Mark Gurman, who has specialized in Apple, asks whether Apple ever there is such a strong promotion.

The news portal, “Bloomberg” an anonymous Insider, according to the in the Marketing Department of Apple pure table-made quotes. People had been deducted from other projects and would now dedicate themselves solely to the sluggish iPhone sales. The term “fire brigade Practice”.

I understand the point of The Exercise is not yet swept up in the affluent Switzerland, here, Apple is distributed at the Moment, no gifts.

Far below expectations

The panic in California is explainable: The iPhone sales time of the year are the most important sales – just before Christmas – well below expectations. Official Numbers for this, there is no, but notes.

For example, the iPhone supplier Cirrus Logic Inc. a profit warning issued, according to which it would sell 16 percent less. Justification, according to the company: “the current weakness in the Smartphone market”.

UBS: the desire to buy to five-year low

One reason for the purchase-aversion of the customer is probably in the high prices for the current Top-models: The XS costs in Switzerland 1199 francs, the XS Max even 1299 Swiss francs.

Numbers of the UBS confirm the bleak view: The Bank regularly conducts representative surveys of consumers and asks whether you want to buy in the next year a iPhone. The result this Time, according to the US news channel CNBC: In the U.S., the interest on a five-year low of 18 percent supportive, in China, by 6 percentage points to 23 percent. Egg, egg, iPhone.

Apple’s share has dropped since mid-November because of more than 10 percent, since the beginning of October by as much as 25 percent. More recently, Apple was the most valuable company in the world (VIEWS reported), now it has fallen behind Amazon and Microsoft on rank three. (kst)