Doctors believe that travel in public transport in terms of contamination COVID-19 can be safer, “than it seems.” In countries where the incidence of coronavirus has decreased, there is no particularly noticeable outbreaks of disease associated with travel on public transport.

This conclusion was made by the New York Times, which said that links between the disease outbreaks and the movement of people by public transport could not be found. A survey conducted by the newspaper research can say that transport, including buses, may not be a particularly important source of spread of the virus.

This postulate is relevant at least as long as suburban transport, including trains and buses, will not be a significant source of the spread of the virus. That is, passengers must wear a mask, transport should not be filled as much as during peak hours.

In Paris, for example, physicians in tracking contacts of infected persons concluded that none of the clusters of infection was not associated with the public transport system. Not detected such links and in Austria, in Tokyo.

Earlier reported that the operational headquarters of Moscow to fight against the spread of coronavirus reported the spread of the disease. Over the past day from COVID-19 died in the city of 13 people.