Vitamin D deficiency may be the cause of the high mortality rate from coronavirus, said scientists from the Foundation for the Queen Elizabeth hospital and the University of East Anglia. Their study is published on the portal of Research Square.

Experts have determined average levels of vitamin D in residents of 20 European countries. Then the researchers compared the data obtained with statistics of incidence and mortality rate of coronavirus in these States.

It turned out that the lower average vitamin D level in the country, the higher the mortality rate from infection. The experts said that especially low levels of vitamin were registered in Spain, Italy and Switzerland.

Earlier, British scientists advised to take vitamin D during a pandemic coronavirus. Experts said that as people spend a lot of time indoors and almost not exposed to direct sunlight, they will not get this substance in sufficient quantities. It was clarified that vitamin D does not affect the probability of infection by the coronavirus or the treatment of the disease, as previously erroneously claimed by some sources.