Disclosed the cost of treatment Dzhigan

Three weeks ago, Oksana Samoilov publicly announced her divorce from rapper Djigan. The reason for the separation of the pair is the numerous infidelity of the rapper, which Oksana supposedly did not know. The crucial role played by the inappropriate behavior of Djigan, which is now in the clinic.

For several weeks dzhigan does not communicate with the fans. Friends and acquaintances Dzhigan not talk about exactly where a rapper, but it became known that the artist lives in the health complex “Villa pool”, which recently closed for a private service.

Geegun live in good conditions, namely in the large room of 130 square meters. A artist has a terrace, a sauna, a swimming pool, he gets great meals. Walking dzhigan can only be made with the clinic staff to use the phone once a day.

As it became known, in two weeks Oksana Samoylova visited Dzhigan only once, and then without children. The stay of the artist in a hospital costs about 100 thousand rubles a day, so it’s not hard to calculate how much had been spent on treatment Dzhigan in a few weeks. The amount is already close to a half million.