The result is a powerful explosion in Beirut port were missing three firefighters from the same family, reports RT. Relatives of rescuers refuse to accept them as dead until we find their remains.

About the tragedy, journalists were told by the resident Lebanese village Kartaba Tony Karam. In the crash he lost his son, grandson and cousin. All three were members of a fire brigade which arrived on the scene before the explosion occurred. Karam said that since the tragedy it’s been eight days, and hope that the men survived quite there.

“hopefully, that will bring us at least the nail with their fingers,” said the Lebanese.

He added that the family plans to have the funeral until the remains of the rescuers will not be found. According to him, it is impossible to wish peace to someone not yet found.

As reported by “the Rambler”, a powerful explosion near the port in Beirut occurred on 4 August. Seismologists compare the incident with the earthquake. It has affected several thousand people. The basic version of the catastrophe – the detonation of several thousand tons of ammonium nitrate that was stored on one of the port warehouses.