Smartphone better to put screen down — this simple act will extend the service life of the device. About the Agency “Prime” said the associate Professor of computer science Plekhanov Russian University of Economics Alexander Timofeev.

Thus, the camera on the back of the gadget, there will be less scratching, and the display to warm up. The expert explained that most smartphone owners have a special protective glass or film screen, so the position face down won’t scratch the display. At the same time, the camera generally protrude above the surface of the phone that is associated with the number of lenses in the lens, and protect them from damage difficult.

Putting the phone screen-down is in the case when the gadget is in a case with the Board, as the camera can still get scratched, said Timofeev. In addition, it is recommended to use a protective glass, as it effectively protects the device from cracking in the event of his fall.

Informed expert Dmitry Ryabinin said that the high temperature of the smartphone — especially heat — can cause breakage and fire the device. Specialist said that the phones are protected against overheating, however, the device may heat up due to external factors. At the same time to resort to drastic measures cooling, like space gadget in the fridge, not the Ryabinin advised to give the smartphone to cool smoothly and without temperature fluctuations.