the Scientists of the research Institute for leukemia, Jose Carreras and the University of Barcelona in Spain have uncovered almost half a century the mystery of the changes in cells that accompany the appearance of cancerous tumors. This was reported in an article in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

In 1975 it became known that in the cell, which transformirovalsya malignant, lost a fragment of the nucleotide transfer RNA that is designated as nucleotide Y. However, it was unknown what role this variation plays in the development of cancer. In the new work, it turned out that in cancer the protein that generates the nucleotide Y, turned off through epigenetic regulation that causes a small but aggressive tumor.

the Main change occurs in the gene TYW2 that observed in cancer of stomach, colon and uterus. It is shown that this transformation significantly reduces the survival rate of patients, so scientists are going to figure out how to restore the activity of TYW2 and return the cellular mechanism of protein synthesis the nucleotide are lost.