Disclosed details of the letter of Prince Harry father Megan

Prince Harry just before the wedding with Meghan Markle tried to contact her father Thomas. The grandson of the British Queen Elizabeth II literally begged the man to call him. This became known from the documents submitted to the high court in London as part of the case on the publication of a personal letter to ex-actress.

Attorneys Meghan Markle pointed out that Newspapers, particularly The Mail, harassed and humiliated the father of the Duchess and contributed to the quarrel between them. Lawyers said that before the marriage of the Prince and his lover made many attempts to communicate with Thomas Markle.

Tom, it’s Harry again! Really need to talk to you. You don’t need to apologize, we understand the circumstances, but “publicity” will only worsen the situation, — quotes Reuters the text of one of messages sent by the son of Prince Charles.

The Duchess of Sussex is suing the company Associated Newspapers, the publisher of tabloid The Mail on Sunday from publishing her letters to her father. According to Prince Harry, the original text was edited and shortened in such a way as to create the desired edition impression on his wife with the purpose of manipulating the opinions of readers. The father of Meghan Markle Thomas later stated his willingness to testify against his daughter in court in the case of the publication of the letter, wrote NEWS.ru.