Movie Ksenia Sobchak about Sredneuralskaya convent of chiyoumen Sergius Romanov will be devoted to the beatings of teenagers in the monastery. This is with reference to informed sources reported URA.RU.

How to write “Rambler”, previously Ksenia Sobchak with the crew arrived in the captured disgraced shehurina Sergius monastery in the Urals for the film. There the crew met the like-minded Sergius and beat journalists.

According to sources familiar with working Sobchak over the film, of the stories about violence within the walls of the monastery you will hear from the lips of these former novices and journalist. For example, a former nun, named Christina, said that children in the monastery was beaten with a cable and whipped with a belt.

While the Yekaterinburg Orthodox activist Raisa Ilyin, many years “fighting” against Sergius said that in addition to beatings, in the monastery keep people. She cited the story about how he helped the mother to find a daughter who is not released from the monastery and hid the distant hermitages.

There are stories about obedience and hard work that turn into slave labor. To rebel against this, say in response: “Learn obedience. Obedience above prayer,” said Ilyin.

The representative of father Sergius Vsevolod Moguchev said that he never heard about violence at the monastery.

“All children who are in the monastery in sight. If there was something that someone was beaten up or raped, at least someone would know about it. But not a single even hint of such I have never seen,” he said.