the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko has dealt with potential opponents in the upcoming elections of the usual power method. Yesterday the Committee of state control arrested former banker Victor Babariko, which could be his main rival for the “illegal activity”. There are also reports about the involvement in the crimes in the Bank “big bosses “Gazprom”, but may be higher.”

the General Prosecutor Alexander Koniuk believes that the candidate threatened the national security of Belarus.

on 11 June in the building of the “Belgazprombank” were searched. According to the results, the head of the state control Committee Ivan Terter said that the financial investigation Department (FID) has filed two criminal cases under articles “evasion of taxes” and money laundering obtained by criminal means. As part of the investigation arrested 15 people.

About the specific criminal schemes is then not reported, but the public channels said that during searches at the Bank withdrew more than $4 million and securities worth over $500 thousand were Also shown the gold bars that were stored in the Bank, which caused a reasonable question: “And what else should it be stored?”.

According to Tertile, a criminal group led by Babariko. The head of the SCC argues that “Belgazprombank” funneled cash to foreign banks, including Latvian ABLV. In addition, employees of Belgazprombank allegedly forced people to take loans and bribes were given loans to entrepreneurs with bad credit history. Now in this case 20 persons were detained. They face up to 15 years of imprisonment. What exactly is the essence of claims to “Belgazprombank”, we were told by the experts.

Yaroslav Romanchuk, an economist: “Whatever the claims to the “Belgazprombank” with the Belarusian authorities or by the company’s shareholders is first solved using specific auditing things through the courts. And only after that may be imposed any decisions.

Now we have the opposite is happening. When talking about the threat to national security, I really wonder how the Bank could pose a threat to the economy whose size is larger than 63 billion dollars. Naturally, these charges are mixed all the stones people, chops, and flies. To consider these claims, we first need to see professional lawyers, lawyers to it was presented by both parties. To take these things at face value, I would not recommend”.

Andrey Suzdaltsev, political analyst: “According to Belarusian tradition, candidates who are against Lukashenko, destroy. People are put in prison or they just disappear. It is clear that looking for a reason.

the Bank each year passed the audit. He Babariko in the Bank is not working, but there was an art gallery, vault cash and gold bars — that is, the normal operation of the Bank. And most importantly —Lukashenko went to the polls naked and barefoot. Credit he didn’t and then he just confiscated the pot. I think Russia would respond to these actions mirror. Take our banks — pick your sanatorium in Gelendzhik, Sochi and Yalta.”

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